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36 Weeks....Only 4 weeks to the Due Date!

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and just got back from my check up with the doctor.  I was able to see a quick ultrasound of the baby, checking her position to make sure she was positioned the right way, which she is.  The doctor did it so quickly, I wasn't able to see much except that she is healthy and getting ready to enter the real world.  Everything else seemed to be going according to schedule, and I will be going in again in 2 weeks to see the progression.
Aside from the appointment, though, I have been suffering with some major back pain.  It has been so intolerable that I am unable to walk more than from the couch to the bathroom without crying in pain.  From what I've been told, my lower vertibrae are completely inflamed and the only way to cure it is by icing and resting, so I am basically on bedrest, which even if the doctor didn't tell me that, I would have no choice because I can't move anyway.  When I discussed the pain with my doctor, I got very emotional because she said that there really isn't anything I can do because taking some kind of drug could affect the baby, and I feel strongly against taking anything for that reason.  The scary part is not knowing if I am going to be in this much pain for the rest of the pregnancy, or if it will go away soon.  Please keep your fingers crossed that I will get better soon.  I still have things I want to get done before baby arrives, including packing my hospital bag!
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