Me llamo Rocky

California Dreamin'

It's been a while since we talked about our yard and all its beauty, so we are excited to tell you all about some of the beautiful flowers that have been blooming.  Before Dana left for his trip last week, he told me he was going to be so disappointed because his rose bush, named "California Dreaming" was going to bloom while he was gone.  But, little did he realize, they knew just how he was feeling and decided to wait until he got back.  While he was working in the yard, mowing, moving plants, and grooming what needed it, I decided to get some pictures of the beautiful bloom of roses.  It does bloom quite a bit normally, but not ever with so many roses at one time.  They are just gorgeous!

I also took some pics of our Bouganvilla.  When we first moved in, it was a huge rats nest of old vines and dead branches.  I really didn't want Dana to cut it because I thought that would be the end of the plant, but he proved me wrong.  He cut it away to the point where it looked like it would never return, in my eyes, but it is already starting to grow back and flourish more beautiful than it was when we first saw it.  In another year, it will be an entire wall of beautiful flowers and wonderful shade.

Bride Draggin Groom

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