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Little Miss Baby Girl Is Three Weeks

Now I understand what people mean when they say the time goes by so fast when you have a baby.  I thought I understood, but Whoa!  I had no idea time could really go be THIS fast.  Eva is already 3 weeks old and quickly approaching one month.  As we look at her today we notice so many changes in her behavior, appearance, and even the way she cries. She has become much more alert in this last week and will spend an hour here and an hour there fully alert without crying, where in the past we were use to her just waking up to cry to be fed, then as soon as she got what she wanted, she would quickly fall back asleep.  We are taking this "alert time" as an opportunity to introduce her to some of her toys.  She has an entertainment system that we have been laying her on to give her some tummy time to make her neck stronger...and when she doesn't want that, we just flip her over to see the lights above.  As you can see, daddy really likes the toy, too.

Another thing we have introduced to her in the last week is a bottle.  I was excited about this because it gave daddy an opportunity to feed her and gave me a little time to do whatever I wanted--usually allowing me the simple things like time to shower or eat.  It was a bit of an adjustment for her, but between Dana and herself, I think they have the whole process figured out.  Of course, there was concern on my part that she would have nipple confusion problems, but I am happy to report that she seems to be just fine with both nursing and bottle feeding. 

Since Eva has been born, we have been trying to figure out how we would fit in our date night.  We figured, for the most part, we could just take her with us and go while she is sleeping.  But, the more we were aware of her schedule the more we realized that it would be much more realistic for us to have a "date lunch", for she sleeps much better in the afternoons.  This last weekend, however, we got a little daring and decided to take on a night adventure.  We made a trip to Ikea to get shelving for Eva's room and the trip went so well we thought we would continue on to dinner (we were both way too tired to go home and cook), but there was a 15 min. wait before we got our table and then we finally sat.  We ordered our food and started getting excited about eating and still she slept through the whole process.  Our salads were served, I took one bite, then "Whaaaa!", she awoke with a wet diaper and hungry!  While we were a bit disappointed, we knew we really pushed it by attempting dinner in the first place and looked at the challenge as a way to see if we were prepared (because you know this won't be the last time something like this happens).  I grabbed the diaper bag, headed to the bathroom and changed her diaper all with one hand, for I had to hold her with the other...then I had to whip out the Hooter Hider (thanks, Liz) and feed her, holding her with one hand and eating with the other.  I have to say, I think it was handled really well, but I think we agree that one location per outing is all she can handle, at least for now.

Just to give you an idea of how cute Eva is, even when she is crying, I had to share this picture...Dana says this is what I look like when I'm sad, too.  I'm not going to argue that.  If she looks cute when she's sad, maybe I do too ;)

And, finally a cute picture of her and I.  Its been tough getting pictures of us together because my top is usually off when I have her in my arms, which doesn't make for a very suitable picture to be sharing with all our followers.  ;)  And, now that I think of it, we don't have any pictures of all of us together except our Christmas picture.  We'll have to work on that...

Stay tuned for next week's blog.  Christmas will be here and Grandma and Grandpa Nevins will be visiting.  We are all so excited for them to come meet Eva and see our new house!  This will be our best Christmas to date!  Happy Holidays to everyone.  If you are, by chance, in San Diego you are welcome to join us for Christmas dinner at our house, our door is open...we just might require you to bring a dish :)

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