Me llamo Rocky

Happy New Year and Welcome 2011!!

Entering the New Year are new accomplishments for our little Eva.  She's been able to hold her head up when laying on our chest for a while, but now we've got her doing it when laying on her belly on the floor.  I was lucky enough to capture it yesterday.  Look at our strong little girl :)

She also went thru a growth spurt in the last week, which meant she was a very hungry and fussy little girl.  We spent many hours together throughout the night trying to adjust to the changes...

It is amazing what a few days of fussiness and hunger can do...but, she really did grow alot.  Out of nowhere, she was no longer able to fit into newborn things with footsies, nor can she fit into her newborn onesies correctly because she is just too long.  We have upgraded her into her 0-3month clothing.  And, boy does she have a lot to pick from.  You may notice that width-wise, her new size clothing is pretty baggy, but she sure is long!  It's been fun to see her in her new clothes, here are some so far:

Pajamas from Granny

Daddy calls this one her jailbird outfit (from the Foys)

Cuddly Bear Outerwear from Grandpa John and Grandma Tonya

And last, but certainly not least, probably the cutest onesie she will ever own
"My brother is a Chihuahua" (Thanks, Elizabeth and Sam!!)

In other news, we experience one of the dreaded "firsts" last week.  Aunt Kelly asked Dana a while back "Have you had a blow-out yet?".  He wasn't sure what it was, so she explained to him about the poopy diaper that gets everywhere.  He thought the term was so funny and really didnt' quite understand just how messy it could get, so he tried calling almost every poopy diaper after that "a blow-out".  I said, "No no, you just wait.  You haven't seen nothing yet".  Well, one day we were talking while I was holding Eva in my arms.  She became really fussy and then let out some gas, only the gas was not gas, it was poop and lots of I looked down, I watched it seep through her diaper and clothes and all over my shirt.  It came from every direction.  I said "Now, this is a blow out".  Of course, we could've gotten grossed out, but how can you not laugh?  You know this won't be the last time this happens.  For a minute, I thought this was telling me she needed bigger diapers, but when I put a size 1 on her, she was drowning in it, no upgrades in diapers yet.

Another funny thing I was able to capture happened last night.  Eva is always doing funny things with her arms when she sleeps.  I'm pretty sure when I was pregnant with her, her hands were up as if to be covering her ears because she always wants them up along side her cheeks.  So, when she sleeps, she will somewhat get back to the position, only she is too sleepy to get them all the way up.  As she slept last night, she was startled by a noise and her arms jerked up, but only halfway...and they stayed that way for about 5 minutes.  It was just too funny.  Yes, she really is sleeping--out cold.

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