Me llamo Rocky

Gooooo Packers!!

Last September, I visited my family in Wisconsin.  During that visit, I stayed with my dad for a couple days.  In the past, he has always wanted to "talk sports" with me, but I would never let him.  It was boring.  But, during this last visit, my dad said "Brooke, I know you don't like talking sports, but I have to say this:  The Packers are going to the Super Bowl this year and they are going to win.  We have a strong team and they have what they need to kick some butt this year."  Well, being that I've been trying to learn more about football and get excited about the games, I kept that conversation in the back of my head and decided I needed to become a Packer fan.  It's in my blood, no matter what I say or do, I am, in fact, a cheesehead.  And, Dana, by marriage is now a cheesehead as well.  So, what do cheeseheads do when their team goes to the Super Bowl?  They throw a Super Bowl party!!  Not only do we throw the party, but thanks to my mom, we had special food shipped in from Wisconsin to enjoy.  My mom sent us cheese curds, beef sticks, and bratwursts (the best bratwursts all of our guests have ever had, might I add).  To complete the menu, we also went out to buy Miller Lite and Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat beer. 

The Nevins family was also decked out in Packer gear to look the part.  I found some t-shirts for Dana and myself, and my mom and grandpa treated Eva and Rocky to Packers t-shirts expecting only a picture of them in it in return.  So, here is what they got before the game for good luck:

Why I didn't think to get a family picture is beyond me, but here I am with my baby girl :)

To make the game more interesting, Lori made a chart of squares for us to bet on, and Eva won in the second quarter!!

Once the Packers won, Dana showed his true spirit by eating plenty of green frosting from some cupcakes just so he could do this ;)  :

When the night ended, Rocky said good-bye to his friends, Frito and John

And Liz rocked Eva to sleep

Congratulations, Packers!!!!  You Rocked!

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