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My Dirty 30

So, last Wednesday was my 30th birthday.  I was super excited to leave the 20's and enter into the 30's.  Usually, Dana and I like to plan a trip to celebrate both Valentine's Day and my birthday, but this year had to be a little different since traveling with Eva wouldn't have been a very relaxing trip.  So, Dana assured me that he had something planned and it would be better than any other year.  Not sure how he thought he could plan something as such, but I trusted he knew what he was doing. 

Tuesday night, Dana came home from work a little later than usual, but it went unnoticed, for I was talking on the phone to the soon-to-be Gwenda Lyn Hill and changing Eva's diaper and trying to get dinner started.  Dana came bursting through the door in such excitement he could barely control himself.  I was thinking he must've had a really good day at work and he wanted to tell me about it.  But then...the doorbell rang.  Who could it be?  He insisted I be the one to answer the door and so I did.  I opened it to see my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend!!!  Thats right, they flew from Wisconsin/Minnesota to surprise me for my 30th birthday!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  What a beautiful surprise!

As I watch Eva grow before my eyes, it is so hard to be far away and try to explain to my family what Eva is doing, how much she is changing, and how big she is getting.  Every time she smiles, cries, kicks her feet, falls asleep in my arms, anything at all, I want to say "Just look at her!".  It was such a great feeling to finally share that with my mom, Derek, and Cortney.  Uncle Derek is a typical guy in that he hasn't held many babies or ever changed a diaper, but as soon as he saw little Eva, he became a natural.  He changed his first diaper ever:

He also took the initiate to grab Eva at any chance he could get, bouncing her around in his arms and making her smile
They also spent lots of time together laying on the floor, playing with the entertainment system
The time spent with Granny was no different.  Granny was beeping on her nose, playing with her monkey toes, and teaching her how to grab things with her feet.  Talk about two peas in a pod!
Here she is with her "Grandma Loves Me" shirt:
Aunt Cortney was also quick to grab her whenever she could, cuddling with her in the morning, bouncing her around at night...
On my actual birthday, Eva and I got dressed up and we all headed to the mountains for lunch and a little wine tasting.  The day wasn't nearly close to what we had imagined, but we got to spend the day together on an adventure that none of us had done before.  We were just all happy to be together :) 
The days went by way too fast, Saturday morning came and it was time to say our good-byes.  It was so sad to see them go, but knowing I will see them again in just a couple short months made it just a little easier. 
Mom, Derek, and Cortney: Thank you so much for the best birthday gift ever!  Spending my 30th birthday with the one person who made my life possible, the best brother a girl could ask for and the wonderful girl who makes him happy, along with the absolute love of my life and my most precious little angel, and cutest dog-son ever is the BEST birthday a girl could ask for. 
To my lovely Dana: Thank you for knowing me so well and taking the time to arrange this trip.  You are so amazing and it never goes unnoticed :) 
Now, on to this weekend...its a Girls Weekend!  My nearest and dearest friends will be flying in to meet Eva, spend quality time together, and teach me the ropes of motherhood to a baby girl.  It will be just hours before they are touching down on San Diego turf.  :)
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