Me llamo Rocky

Daddy Daughter Weekend

This last weekend was quite the adventure for Daddy and Eva.  They spent the entire weekend together, getting much needed one-on-one time.  Last week's trip to Target with the Baby Bjorn was just practice for this last weekend.  It was time for Daddy to take Eva out of the house on his own....where did they go?  Home Depot, of course!!  As they pulled out of the driveway, I was so proud and excited that they were able to have their time together, but nervous and out of my element, I had no idea what to do without baby.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity for Rocky and I to get some alone time at the park, and I even got a little work done.  Right as I started to grow impatient, in walks Daddy and Eva--all in one piece, Whew!  I wish I had a picture to share, but since I wasn't there, you will have to use your imagination. 

After Eva ate and woke from her nap, they went for round two, spending time out in the garden, planting the trees they bought together.  Here is Daddy teaching Eva how to tell if an orange is ready to be picked...

On Sunday, we went as a family to the Rolando Street Fair, which is right in our neighborhood.  We checked things out, ate naughty food, listened to some music and networked with a few of our neighbors...this is as good of a pic as I could get...and, I know, where's Rocky?  He was probably eating someone's food that fell to the ground.

What a fun weekend!  Dana: You are the best father in the world!  Eva had such a great time with you, and just to show you how much she loves you, she wore her WDS onesie with pride, just for you!


And, in other Eva news, she has found her thumb!!  She has shown so much interest in her hands in the last week or so, and now she will carefully examine them, only to always pick out that thumb and stick it in her mouth.  This is the closest picture I could get of her...

I guess we'll have a thumb sucker on our hands :)

Oh, and she is also ready to roll over so soon I can taste it.  She keeps grabbing her leg and rolling to a side, but just not quite interested enough to finish the job.  Hmm, I wonder how long it will be?

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