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Super Sunny Saturday

Super Sunny Saturday


While friends and family back home were experiencing Springtime snow, we were given a blazin' hot Saturday.  Temperatures were hitting the low 90's, it would've been a shame to avoid it.  Dana had yard work he wanted to get done, so the rest of the family joined him outside to enjoy the sun.  Eva spent the day in a diaper, me in a bathing suit, and Rocky decided to keep his winter coat on ;)  We listened to the radio, played with toys on the patio, and took naptime on the swing (well, Rocky and Eva did--I had to stay awake and supervise so nobody fell off while they were snoozin')

While playing on the patio I had to snap a pic of these cute little monkey toes.  And, when I say monkey toes, I mean Monkey Toes!  This girl doesn't even need her hands, her toes do all the grabbing for her. 

When dusk approached, we spread a blanket out and enjoyed laying in the grass because the weather was still warm and we knew the sun wasn't out to get us...I love this picture, me with my babies.

In other Eva news, she has also taken on the rolling over move quite a bit in this last week.  I can't lay her on her back for more than five minutes without her rolling over.  She is getting very desperate and determined to start crawling.  You can see the frusteration in her face when she just can't move!!  I better start baby proofing :)

Lastly, here is a picture of Eva taking it easy, kicking back, watching a little Sesame Street.  I think we are going to have a little Elmo lover on our hands :)

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