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Ivy Diet

Ivy Diet

The Sunday after my cousin's wedding, we headed out to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Rhonda's lake house in Hayward, Wi.  Ever since they've built it, they've been telling us how much they love being there and go every weekend, so we couldn't wait to go and see it for ourselves.  It was the perfect day to lounge around and enjoy their new place.

Eva got lots of play time with her Granny

and with Max and Rory who were so good with her :)

Max and I did a little early birthday celebrating since I was missing his 3rd birthday the following weekend.  Here we are opening his gift and checking it out:

We stayed the night at the house and woke up with some yummy breakfast and what else, but Bloody Mary's

The more brave people also attempted a boat ride.  I passed, for it was 30 degrees outside and my Cali blood just wasn't going to do it.  But, the guys and kids got all bundled up and off they went.  This pic is just to funny not to share, here is Rory ready to head out the door.  The poor girl fell right over the second after this was shot.  Good thing she had all the layers and pads, she didn't feel a thing.

To see the rest of the pics from the lake house click here

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