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GG John

GG John

While we were visiting in Ashland, we made sure to get as much time in with my grandpa as possible.  He'd really been looking forward to meeting Eva, so the moment just couldn't come soon enough.  The second he had her in his arms she was all giggles and smiles. 

The Sunday after my cousin's wedding, we headed to Grandpa's for Sunday Soup.  Yes, Dana finally got to have Sunday Soup.  What is Sunday Soup, you may ask?  Its a family tradition that has been going on since long before I existed.  Every Sunday, my grandma would make soup and we would all drive to their house to hang out and eat soup and chocolate chip cookies.  This has kept our family very close as we were growing up.  What kind of soup is Sunday Soup?  Well, I think we all answer it the same: "Its Sunday Soup."  Its yummy and thats all that matters. :)

Anyway, while gathering for Sunday Soup, Eva got to meet more family, including my cousin Josh (and Hallie)'s twins, Jude and Boden who couldn't wait to help her play with her toys

She also got to say Congrats and Best Wishes to the newly married couple, Gwenda and Matt

On Wednesdays, Grandpa treats his kids to lunch, and being that we were home this wednesday, we got to join... with my cousin Travis (traveling from Colorado), too!!

pictured from left (Dana, Mom (Judy), Grandpa, me, Travis (Travy-boy), Uncle Tom, Aunt Mary Kary (Trav's mom) and Eva, of course)

On Thursday, Mark treated us all to a fish fry at Grandpa's house.  My Uncle Jack (grandpa's brother) happened to be in town for fishing, along with David, so they too got to meet Eva.  Before Mark started cooking, he got a little Eva time...

And while he was cooking Uncle Jack and Grandpa had a little fun with her.  I love this picture, it just says it all!!

The fish turned out amazing, the company was wonderful...and as we wrapped up the night, we got a 4 generations picture

then headed to the Ino Bar for a quick one ;) 

To see more pics from grandpa's house, click here

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