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Meeting Marshall and The Mrdjenovichs

When I went home for my baby shower last September, my cousin, Heather, announced that she just found out she was pregnant.  So, it was such a treat when her baby was born just two weeks before we went home to visit.  That meant we got to meet the new little baby.  His name is Marshall Stanley and he is just cute as a button with more hair than Eva and as blonde as can be.

I couldn't believe how tiny he was and couldn't imagine how Eva use to be that size at one time.  After handling Eva so easily as a baby, I thought it would be a no-brainer to have Marshall in my arms, but boy was I nervous.  He was so tiny and looked so delicate and peaceful.  Luckily, he didn't sense my nerves, and layed contently in my arms.

Aunt Sue (Marshall's grandma) and Aunt Nancy (my godmother) stopped over to see Marshall and meet Eva for the first time.  It was so nice to spend time together and watch the babies do their baby things.  Here are the grandmas with their little grandbabies...

Why I didn't get a picture of the mommies with their babies, I don't know.  I so wish I would have!!! 

Anyway, since my cousin Mary missed out on Tuesday's meetup, she stopped over at my mom's house to catch up with me and meet Eva.  My mom has been saying how Eva resembles Mary as a baby, and Mary couldn't have agreed more.  Mary just recently graduated from college and is now a geologist.  It was so cool to listen to all of the things she has already gotten her hands into and all the possibilities ahead of her.  She couldn't make me more proud to be her cousin :)

And, being that the visit with Marshall was a bit short, we just needed to get a little more time in with Aunt Nancy, so we decided to stop in and bug her while she was working.  Something tells me she didn't mind much...

And, as you can tell, Eva didn't mind much either.  :)

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