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Father's Day and More!

We have had so many new and exciting things going on, I can't wait to share it all with you.  To start, Father's Day was last Sunday and it was Dana's very first.  Eva, Rocky, and I wanted him to feel very special so we did everything we could to make his day enjoyable for him.  It started in the morning when we gave Daddy a couple thoughtful gifts...then, we got ready and headed out for Breakfast at Prepkitchen in Del Mar.  We continued our journey back up to the Botanical Gardens that we went to last weekend, for we still had some area that we hadn't covered.  We took our time, just enjoying time with Daddy.

We were even lucky enough to get a family picture :)

On Monday, Eva had her very first swim lessons.  I have been so excited about the lessons because she loves splashing during bathtime, so I thought being in a big pool would give her more room to splash.  And, I found her an adorable little bathing suit so I just couldn't wait to see her in it.  Daddy watched from the sidelines to take pictures and Eva and I took our first dip together.  The second I hit the water with her, her legs started kicking so fast.  I think she really liked it.  We learned how to blow bubbles, kick our feet, chase the rubber ducky, and go underwater.  Eva is one of the youngest in the group, and the lessons are geared more towards the older toddlers, but she really did well and we had a ton of fun together.

Here's Daddy and Eva before we started:

And, Eva and I right after she went underwater:

After swim lessons on Monday, we came home and showered in just enough time to welcome the Janis family to San Diego.  Most of you know already, but Dana's sister, Heather, her husband, Ryan, and three kids, Rowan, Kierce, and Merrick moved to San Diego.  It's been alot of planning and prepping for the last few months and now they have finally arrived!  It was an emotional moment when I first greeted them, and once things calmed down a bit, we all came into our house so everyone could see each other and the kids got to meet their cousin, Eva, for the very first time. 

Merrick and Eva playing:

Rowan and Eva the next morning.  Rowan wanted to hold her the second she woke up :)  If that isn't cousin love, I don't know what is:

And, Kierce did a great job making sure Rocky didn't feel left out.  You can tell he really liked the attention, he was so happy resting in her lap:

I have a few cute pictures of Eva from this last week that I just have to share...

This picture is something I've been waiting for to capture because she is doing it all the time.  Thats right folks, Mom has her trained to do pushups.  Ten every surprise, right?  ;)  In reality, Eva still isn't crawling, but she really really wants to SOOO bad and she manages to get all the way on her fingertips and toes, but just can't seem to figure out how to move forward.  Every day I wonder, will today be the day?

Eva got to swing at the park for the first time this last Monday.  While the Janis family was at their new apartment unloading everything, I got to keep Merrick with me so I could have some extra hands with Eva.  We put her in the swing, and Merrick pushed his baby cousin very gently...Unforunately, she didn't seem to enjoy it very much.  But, I think once she spends enough time with Merrick she will start to get the hang of it.

Lastly, Eva will kill me when she's older for posting this picture, but I just have to...So, I hear that some babies get very runny poop when they are teething.  There's no scientific evidence to back it up, but I think this picture will.  As I was feeding Eva, everything that went in was coming out the backend.  This was already the 4th time in the last hour or two, but this was the most unbelievable.  She had it coming out of every seam of her diaper...And, seemed completely unphased by it.  She just kept on eatin'. 

I'm not sure how long it will take before her teeth appear, but her gums are really swollen and she is ready for those things to cut through.  Poor girl :(


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