Me llamo Rocky

Eva Veronica Nevins Turns Seven Months Old!

Time is flying by and little Eva is growing into quite the little girl.  She is weighing in at about 16.5 lbs and measuring in at 28.25"

She has accomplished many firsts and just keeps on going.  In the last week, we went to Target and tried out sitting in the shopping cart.  She seemed to enjoy it for a while, especially once she got hold of Elmo bandaids...but as soon as she started getting tired, she had enough.  I did, however, manage to catch a pic while she was still happy.

And, since that went so well, we also decided to try her out in a high chair while we were out to eat.  That, too, went about the same.  She loved it right up until she felt like she needed a nap.

We had to keep going with all these new things for her to try, so we went to the beach and let her play in the sand.  Now this she absolutely loved.  She just couldn't stop running the sand through her hands while smiling and laughing with Aunt Lorie. 

Daddy also took her to touch her toes in the ocean water for the very first time.  She didn't even same phased by how cold it was.  I wonder if we have a mermaid on the way?  Hmm.

And, lastly, a new first accomplishment!  While I have been waiting everyday to see if it will be "The Day" that Eva will finally figure out how to crawl forward, she decided to throw Mommy and Daddy for a loop and try something different.  I've noticed in the last few days that she kept getting into the crawl position and then lift one arm and wave it around.  Then, last night, she took her arm and her leg from the same side and kept trying to flip it over.  Finally, this morning as I started writing this post, she whipped her arm and leg around and shifted herself up into the sitting position.  I even managed to get a quick picture :)

Eva impresses us so much everyday with all of her strength and might.  She is a very determind little girl...what will this next month bring?

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