Me llamo Rocky

No Labor on Labor Day

This last weekend was by far one of the most relaxing weekends that we have spent as a family.  Since we just got back from our trip to Michigan, we decided that we just needed to hang low and do whatever we wanted at our own pace.  It was just what we all needed.  On Saturday, Felipe called to let us know he was in town for the week, and he stopped by to catch up and see how much Eva has grown and changed since the last time.  Eva was a little shy at first, but it didn't take her long to warm up to Felipe.

On Sunday, Dana spent much of the early day out in the yard.  Of course he has a million and one different projects going on back there, and I stopped wondering what they were long ago.  But, when I saw him put on this suit (pic below), I had to wonder what was going on...

Yes, my friends, thats what you call a Bee Suit.  Why, you might ask?  Well, its because Dana found it very necessary to become a Bee Keeper.  He ordered a nest a few weeks back, and just recently put it together.  He looks like a pretty big goofball, if you ask me.

And, while he was playing with bees, Eva, Rocky, and myself were playing in our patio area.  We just got some foam flooring to lay out for Eva, and they had alphabet cutouts, so we had a little fun with them...

And, we certainly didn't forget Rocky

On Monday morning, we went for a walk and got breakfast.  On our way home we heard some thunder (in San Diego?  I know!!) and by the time we got home, it started pouring out.  It was crazy because rain in the summer is a rarity here.  And, best yet, it was still really warm out.  So, we went outside and sat on the swing on our patio and watched as the rain came down.  While Dana and I tried not to get wet, Eva couldn't wait to check it out.  She was so interested in the rain dropping down, she just couldn't resist touching it.  She was crawling to every puddle and drip she could find.  She was clapping so hard and for so long with the biggest smile on her face.

And, speaking of clapping, she just started clapping a few hours before this picture.  Now that she's figured it out, she just doesn't want to stop.  I just love watching her clapping and smiling and so, so happy.

Clapping wasn't the only thing she was witnessed doing for the first time.  Monday night, she started sharing with me.  She had a pacifier in her mouth and I took it from her and put it in my mouth.  She thought it was so funny, she came over to me, grabbed it from my mouth and then put it in her mouth.  Then, she took it out of her mouth and put it back in my mouth and started laughing.  She kept doing it a few more times, it was so fun.  She sure is getting smart fast.  I mean, I always knew she was a smart girl, but to see the things she catches on to all amazes me.

Until next weekend, enjoy!

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