Me llamo Rocky


Dana, Eva, Rocky, and myself had a nice weekend at home.  We took a couple walks, caught up on chores, and welcomed a few visitors.  On Saturday, Dalina came to catch up, tell me about her honeymoon and give Eva some adorable new clothes...

Sunday, it was time for Eva to put on her Chargers dress and cheer on her favorite football team with Paulette, Bo, and Kyle, who joined us in watching the game...(Yes, she is grabbing for that Heineken--she is a quarter Gazdik, you know)

But, better than what we did for the weekend, Eva would like to share with you that she got her 3rd tooth!  Yes indeed, that little bugger finally came through.  Its been bugging her since we were visiting in Michigan and it finally made its appearance last Thursday...And, I even managed to get a pic (Maybe not the most picture worthy face, but at least you can see her teeth)!

Now-a-days, Eva's favorite toy is not a rattle, or the monkey that does tricks, or books that make noises, or the jumperoo, or the entertainment set, or her puzzles, no, no, its the tupperware cabinet...

She will scurry away to this cabinet as fast as she can at every chance she can get.  She loves opening the door, checking out what's inside, then pulling it all out and scattering it all over the floor.  I debated for a quick minute about whether I would set boundaries and not let her do this, but this cabinet gives me soooo much time to do other things.  And, not to mention that it is very cheap entertainment for Eva.

Along with playing with the tupperware, she is also really starting to understand me and communicating with me.  It amazes me!  She definetly understands the word "no", and depending on her mood, she'll either laugh at me and do it anyway, or calmly stop what she's doing and move on to something else.  She is also spending much more time watching my facial expressions and copying sounds that I make.  She'll watch my mouth as I make a sound, then start doing it herself.  We have lots of fun doing this together.  As I mentioned last week, she will clap whenever I ask her to clap, and now it seems that she is listening to every word I say in hopes that I say "Clap".  She just loves clapping those hands and looks for every reason to do so.

Playing with Rocky has progressed a little.  She gets very excited to go say hi to him when he is laying on the couch.  He still doesn't like it, but she still doesn't care that he doesn't like it.  She laughs so hard when he growls at her.  You know the saying "Kill him with kindness"?  Well, I'm pretty sure that is her approach with him.  He's got to give in some day! (Pic below says it all, haha)

  Anyway, she is trying very hard to interact with him and play with his toys.  She will take his toy and reach out to him in hopes that he will play tug of war.

Every once in a while he'll give in and play, and when he does, It is just so cute to watch!

And, while we are busy playing in our house, Dana's bees have been busy in theirs as well.  I'm sure you've been wondering how things are going, and here is the answer...

Fresh honey and honeycomb is on its way :)

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