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Glenda, You are the Bees Knees

Last week we were blessed with a very special guest, my cousin Gwenda.  She was here for a convention and treated us to a couple extra days to hang out and catch up with life.  It was such a wonderful visit!!  On her first free night, Dana and I took advantage and asked her to babysit so we could go on a solo date night (that was our charge for staying at our house ;)--to any future guests, keep that in mind).  It was the very first time that we were going out and leaving someone else in charge of feeding Eva and putting her to bed...

And, then I got very spoiled, because the next night, Dana put Eva to bed so that Gwenda and I could have a much anticipated girls night.  We captured this photo right before we headed out the door (sidenote: Rocky became Gwen's cuddle buddy while she was away from her husband)

Gwen and I had so much fun together.  We went out for Mexican food, margaritas, and had lots of good story telling time.  I drank 2 whole margaritas, which is way more than I have drank in a couple years, so needless to say, we left the restaurant very giggley.

The next day, we planned a shopping day by the beach.  We all got ready, then headed out the door

We had a delicious lunch, a nice walk along the boardwalk, and super fun day of shopping on Garnet Ave.

It was so fun to shop with a girl and talk about girlie things and help each other find new things to buy.

Unfortunately, that night was the last night we would spend together so before Eva went to bed, Gwen was sure to get in one more little snuggle...

And soon Gwen was back on her plane flying home to Minnesota.  It was sad to see her go, but we built some great memories and we are so thankful that we got to spend quality time together.  As usual, we shared some funny moments that we will carry with us forever...Here's to you, Gwen:

Happy Hanukah!

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