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If I Only Had A Brain

Before our weekend started, we were excited to wish my niece, Kierce, a very happy 7th birthday on Wednesday.  Eva and I dropped by her place unannounced to sing happy birthday and present to her a "Birthday Coupon".  She was hard at work, in the kitchen with mom, when we showed up in song.  Kierce, Rowan, Merrick, and Aunt Heather were all happy to see us and get a quick visit with Eva.

Eva spent the rest of the week trying to explore new territories.  The girl has a HUGE interest in the bathroom.  Whenever she knows I've turned my back for a moment she darts right towards the bathroom--and when she's feeling really mischievious, she will go all the way to our master bathroom.  What is she looking for?  The toilet, of course.  We are getting better about it, but many times we forget to put the lid down, and then we get this...

The other day I was making my bed and all of a sudden heard nothing...Well, many of us know that no noise with a little one couldn't possibly be a good thing.  I searched the house for her only to come back to the bathroom (which I already checked) and heard a little rustling of the shower curtain.  And when I opened it, I found this...

How she got inside without bonking her head or making a peep is beyond me...but she sure looked proud of herself and was having a great time in there.  And, of course, Daddy just took a shower half hour before this, so she was wet all over.

We couldn't let her get away with this behavior, so Dana and I sat down to discuss her punishment and decided she would iron Daddy's shirts for work every morning for a week...

I think she might've actually enjoyed it.  ;)

Over the weekend, we wanted to get out of the house for a bit, so we took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We took pictures by the pumpkins...

Introduced Eva to a few animals...

Went on a hay ride (certainly not like the hay rides I remember taking with grandpa, but it sure brought back some very happy memories)

Walked through a corn maze (Which way do we go?)

But what was Daddy's favorite part?  Sitting back and enjoying some kettle corn with his baby girl...

Hmm, or was it when he substituted the kettle corn for his baby girl?  Hahaha

The rest of the weekend was spent at home catching up with house stuff.  Newest addition to Dana's Orchard?  Dragonfruit...

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