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Thanks, Football Game, For Babysitting Eva

I needed to escape for a couple hours yesterday to finish up Eva's Halloween costume, which required Daddy to have full custody.  This happened to be around dinner time, so it was also Dana's duty to make dinner.  As I was sewing away in my room, I could hear a little fussing from baby girl.  I called Dana on the phone and said, "Not telling you how to do your job, but just in case you weren't sure, Eva's probably fussy because you need to feed her." His response to that was, "You mean I have to make dinner, manage my fantasy football, watch the football game, AND FEED EVA?" Hahaha.  Yes!! That is what I'm saying :)  This is Daddy's way of multitasking...

The face that Eva gave me was to die for!  She had the biggest smile on her face and you could just tell she was thinking, "I love hanging out with Daddy, he lets me do things you would NEVER let me do!!"  Boy. Oh. Boy.  And it begins...

Earlier that morning I already redeemed my cool factor by finding a super awesome deal on Craigslist.  We got a new kitchen and train set and a ton of accessories to go with it for Eva.  She was so excited and overwhelmed with all the stuff she just couldn't figure out how to hold it all and get it all in her mouth at the same time...

...very excited about this (despite the fact that we are running out of room in our house.

But before that even took place, Dana was busy outside planting trees (I know what you're many trees does he have? And, where does he have room?), Well I advise you to do what I do.  Stop asking questions, and don't try to figure it out.  haha.  Anyway, he had a hole dug and just couldn't figure out what tree he would plant there.  We decided together to plant Eva instead...

She absolutely LOVES being outside with Daddy.  It's always been where she's the happiest...and who could blame her?  So much dirt to taste test and tree leaves to pull on, and best yet, quality time with her big muscle man...

And here's a cute picture to share as the perfect ending to this post.

We gotta get going, gearing up for Granny and Uncle Derek's arrival!!

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