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Eva Veronica is Eleven Months Old!

Eva has turned eleven months and has accomplished so much this month.  She is weighing in at 20 lbs and measuring 29 1/2".  She is getting more and more smart as the days go by and we are sure to embrace each new milestone. 

*She has started to point.  This is a great milestone, for now I am teaching her how to "point to baby's nose, eyes, etc." with one of her dolls.

*She is really starting to enjoy music.  As soon as she hears any music, she will start to 'fist pump' her arm in the air.  And, if she's standing, she will start shaking her booty.

*She is attempting her first steps.  One day while my mom was here, she took 3 steps from me to her before grabbing on.  I notice whenever she gets tired she will take a step here and there.  I think she still has some work on her balance before she'll really be walking, but she is excited for that day to come.

*Lastly, Eva has been helping herself to more and more finger foods. She still only has her 4 teeth (and I don't see any new ones on their way yet), but she puts them to good use.  As I was holding her as she sat on the kitchen counter the other day, she turned right around and grabbed an apple from the fruit basket.  I was curious too see what she would do with it and was really impressed when I found this on the ground a little while later...

I can hardly believe it, but I am now starting to think about her 1 year birthday party.  Oh my gosh, the time is just coming way too quickly.  Our little baby girl is almost a toddler!

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