Me llamo Rocky

Eva, The Big Goofball

Last week, Eva and I spent the entire week alone.  Daddy was out of town for business, so Eva, Rocky and I entertained each other until he got back.  We managed really well, staying very mellow.  In fact, I didn't use my car even once the entire week.  We had fun at our house, going for walks, and spending time at the local park.  Lately, Eva has been pretty easy to entertain and has really developed her own goofy personality.  She seems to have caught on to the idea of a camera capturing moments, for now when she notices me taking a picture, she starts making really goofy faces...

She has also conquered climbing down stairs.  She loves turning around and going down the stairs so much so that even if she notices a slight decline in the ground, she turns her butt around and starts reaching with her foot to look for the step.  Its pretty funny to watch, yet makes me so proud to see that she recognizes how to safely go down.  With the stair climbing also comes the shelf climbing.  She is constantly looking for something to climb into like a bookshelf, kitchen cabinet, and this table...

Eva is constantly testing her limits and feeling very proud when she believes she got away with something.  Her favorite is to put something from the floor into her mouth.  If I don't notice it, she will come over to me, give me this mouth-closed grin and wait for me to say something.  As soon as I say "What's in your mouth?" She turns around and crawls as fast as she can away from me.  She laughs the whole time, trying her best to not let me get whatever it is that she has.  Whenever it is that I "catch" her doing something wrong, I always get the same mischievious I caught her pulling all the books off her shelf

There is no doubt that this little girl keeps me on my toes, but I have to say it's alot of fun to watch her become so smart and quick.  I know someday this will become my biggest challenge, but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy every moment.

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