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Christmas Is In The Air

I have barely begun to even think about Christmas this year, for the last two months have just been crazy busy.  Dana, luckily, has been the exact opposite.  He has always talked about wanting to have crazy amounts of Christmas lights on his house, but never the house to decorate.  This year, as the neighbors started decorating their houses, Dana said "Alas!  I will have the brightest house on the block!"  Haha.  And, for those who know Dana well know he isn't joking.  So, off to Home Depot he goes, and days later, we got this:

But, when you mention how insane all of this is to Dana, his response is: "I'm just getting started, wait until next year."  Haha.  So, for the next two months, I simply refuse to look at our electric bill and try to get into the festive spirit that Dana is spreading to everyone who drives down our street at night.  :)  And, in fact, talk about cars driving down our street.  We are getting many people slowing down, checking things out, and honking their horns at us.  Our neighbor, Joshua, asks his dad every single night to take him for a wagon ride past our house to see the lights.  :)

On the flip side of all of this, we took Eva to meet Santa for the very first time.  I expected that she may be scared of him, but she also always surprises me with who she is scared of and who she likes, so I thought, why not try?  When she first spotted him, she was flirting and smiling and hiding into my shoulder, but didn't seem to mind him much...

We tried to keep her attention to get her to smile while on his lap...

She then wondered what this was all about and got a real good look at the big, white-haired man whose lap she was sitting on...

And decided she DID NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL!

The look of terror on her eyes made me feel so bad that I even attempted to introduce her to the big guy.  :(  And, as if that wasn't enough, I'm pretty sure it traumatized her more than I thought because that night, she woke up in sheer horror and would only sleep in my arms.  She is not a cuddler, so I knew she had to have been scared because she ended up sleeping in bed with us, clung to my arms the whole night.

Something tells me that once she realizes what Santa does for a job, she will begin to like him a little more in the future ;)

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