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Baby Birthdays and Eva's Latest and Greatest

Over the weekend, Dana, Eva, and myself had 2 one-year birthday parties to attend.  We started with a party in the park with Mia Lee...

There was a fun playground to play on...

Great food, fun decorations, and wonderful entertainment.  They had a guy come with his guitar and play kids music while the kids all played with their own instruments.  Everyone was having so much fun!

But, we had to cut that party short to make it to the next one.  We made it just in time to sing Happy Birthday and watch Aiden tackle his dinosaur cake...

He didn't quite know what to make of it, but by the end, he managed to have frosting all over his face :)

Eva had alot of fun with everything going on.  They had a jumpy house, dogs running around, and of course, Aiden got a ton of toys that Eva helped herself to.  Luckily, Aiden was very willing to share.  And Before we left, I managed to get a quick shot of mommys with our little people:

While we're out and about, Eva is having a ton of fun exploring her new world on two feet.  She is no longer crawling at all, only walking, running, or falling.  So far, she has managed to catch her falls quite well.  We only have one fat lip to speak of, and she only cried for about 30 seconds for that one.  She has just been loving her little legs and everywhere that they can take her :)

Some other fun new things we've been noticing more of is how much love she has.  She really loves hugging and kissing her dolls.  She now has to sleep with a baby under her arms every night.  It is just too cute to watch.  She got a handmade doll that came with pillows and a blanket for the doll for her birthday (Thanks, Linders!).  I layed the doll on the pillows with blanket on our book shelf, and caught Eva trying to get under the blanket to lay with the baby.  I helped her out a little, and she layed there for a good 5 minutes...

Her dolls aren't the only ones getting the love either.  She now puckers up to give mommy and daddy kisses, too.  Its cute because we tend to want more than what she has to give, so after giving us several kisses (back and forth), she will finally push our faces away from her like "Enough Already!"  We just can't help it, though.  She is too darn adorable!

I think Rocky is starting to want in on some of the action, too.  Eva has conquered his name now and calls for him all day long.  It sounds a little more like "Ya-yee", but it is very obvious that she is saying his name.  If she can't see him walking in front of our stroller on walks, she will yell for him, or if she wakes up from a nap sometimes she will yell for him.  Or, if we are gone for the day, as soon as we walk into the house, she will yell for him.  And, when she is done eating what's on her tray and is ready to share, she looks around yelling "Ya-yee".  He's realizing if he wants any food other than dog food, he must learn to like his sister.

One of Eva's new things is putting things on her head.  Ever since her cousin, Taylor, was wearing a headband while visiting here, she has tried to put new things on her head.  Here are Daddy's sunglasses...

She also wants to sit on everything.  If she spots a blanket, or anything comfy on the ground, she will turn around and back up onto it and plop her butt down.  She also LOVES chairs.  She loves the challenge of trying to get onto it, then turning around and sitting.  Its just as cute to watch it the 20th time as it was the first.

And, lastly...she is getting very smart and understanding how to pick something up and put it into something else.  She has a couple buckets and a bowl that she will put other small toys in and carry it around, then stop, sit, take the small toy out, put it on the ground, then back into the bucket, then walk around with the bucket, and repeat. 

As you can tell, Eva is just too much fun to be around.  She really is always happy and goofy (unless she's tired--then watch out, she's just like her mommy...hahaha).  I just love watching her do everything she does.  She is a smart little girl who knows how to have a good time, and best yet, always knows how to make everyone around her smile.  If you are ever having a bad day, come visit Eva, she has the key to happiness and isn't afraid to share it with everyone around her.  :)

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