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Christmas Celebrations

We started celebrating the Holiday season a couple weeks ago with Web Design Solutions very first Christmas party.  One of the company's clients, Rockin' Baja, hosted the team and their significant others.  We were lucky enough to have Aunt Lorie (Dana's cousin) babysit Eva for the night, so we could have fun, relax, and not have to worry about leaving early.  Before we left, Lorie snuck in a few pics for us...

We had a blast and lucky for us, Eva let us sleep until 9am the next morning!

Since Dana contributed to the Christmas spirit this year with lights, we also decided to take a drive and check out the work that other people did.  There are a few different drives you can take where entire neighborhoods go all out with lights, which creates parades of cars through their streets the entire month of December.  Since we recently upgraded Eva's carseat to a forward facing big girl seat, we thought she might enjoy looking out the window and seeing the lights for herself.  And fun she definitely had, she was constantly "oooh"ing and "Ahhhh"ing and pointing.  There was just so much to look at...

Of course, all the drive did for Dana is help him brainstorm his new ideas for next year, haha. 

When we got home that night, Daddy unveiled a hidden surprise for Rocky and Eva to enjoy.  We commited to tortoise-sitting Donnie for a friend of ours while she was away for the holidays.  Daddy took him out to show the kids and gave him his daily 20 minute lettuce feeding.  They were so fascinated, it was fun to watch their faces :)

Christmas morning came just days later and we were all excited to open our gifts and play all morning before the gang came over.  Eva had fun learning how to rip the wrapping paper off her gifts.  But, in the end, all she really wanted was to be with mommy and daddy and be goofy...

Since it was a super sunny and warm day, we took a quick wagon ride before the sun went down.  Eva got her wagon from Granny for her birthday, but it had taken her a little while before she started to like it.  Now she just loves the thing....she could ride around in it all day long.  She yells at Rocky or to the neighbors or at anything that she passes by.  She is constantly smiling and just can't get enough of it...

Soon we had the family over for a delicious Christmas dinner.  Dana made a scrumptious ham, I made roast beef, and everyone else brougt sides, apps, and sweets to round out the meal.  We had all family for a fun day of sun, laughter, and yummy food!  And, when we were all stuffed the kids dove into their gifts....

And, then the adults did a gift exchange where we all showed off our new gift...Here's Matt with his beach lounge blanket, well, until someone stole it ;)

And, after everybody left, Dana and I reflected on how wonderful our christmas together was.  We went to bed exhausted, looking forward to the next day to go shopping for some deals.  But then, just a few hours later, our little girl awoke in loud screams and crying that just didn't want to stop and so the shopping trip never happened.  Eva ended up in bed with us, which means I don't think any of us really got any sleep...and then we discovered that it was because she got a new tooth!  She got a top tooth, which makes it her #5!  I have a feeling there are quite a few that are ready to follow real soon. 

And just a few updates on Eva's vocabulary and smart little brain...she is adding new words on a daily basis now.  She pays special attention to everything you say and tries real hard to repeat back.  Her cousin Rowan taught her how to say "Row Row", Daddy taught her how to ask for her favorite food, cheese, which sounds a little more like "Deee", and she also says "Hi!!" which she learned from me.  She became very fond of Donnie while he was here, so I would say "Do you want to see Donnie?" and she would run over to his aquarium and point at him, sometimes she would even wave at him.  She gets equally as excited to give Rocky his treats as he does recieving them.  Its about the only time he pretends to like her and boy does she take advantage.  She will make him chase her all around the house before she finally hands him that precious little morsel of food.  She has went from a wobbley walk to a run...she is on the move all over the place.  She loves being able to walk and quite frankly, I do too. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year :)

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