Me llamo Rocky

Happy New Year!!

Our New Year's celebrating was pretty nonexistant this year, considering that we made no new resolutions and we didn't even make it until the countdown (we were in bed by 10pm), but we were honored to not-celebrate it with our friends, Joe and Diana, who were visiting through the week.  Joe brought a little bit of Michigan over (Bell's Oberon Beer and mom's homemade Buckeyes) for us to enjoy along with their adorable little puppy, Sheldon, for Eva and Rocky to play with.  Rocky was mostly jealous because he was so cute and getting all the attention, but Eva LOVED him.

And, when Eva wasn't playing with Sheldon, she was busy flirting with Joe, showing Diana just a little bit of competition.

(Yes, she still wears the flower collar from her halloween costume.  I don't know what it is about that thing, but she loves wearing it around the house)

We met for Brunch on New Year's day, which was mighty scrumptious, but I failed to take any pictures of the day :(

Even though Dana and I didn't make any resolutions, it hasn't stopped Eva from doing more new things.  She is so incredibly smart and quick, she is constantly amazing us with what goes on in her brain.  She's been giving kisses and hugs for a while now, but she will now volunteer giving kisses to people much much more.  She will take turns going around the room giving everyone a kiss, including Rocky.  It is so cute to watch and feels so loving when you get one planted on you.

Her new favorite words are "Oh!" and "Wow!", with the cutest face ever...

She understands alot of what you are saying or asking of her.  She is really good at finding a matching pair of shoes or socks in a pile and bringing them to you to put on her feet.  She has one favorite pair of shoes that she gets really excited about putting on, so she's been wearing them pretty much nonstop for the last few days.  Her hair is continuing to grow, but never at the speed that I want because I just can't wait to put it in braids, pigtails, whatever...but I have managed a little pigtail action.

She still loves putting things on her head, but its hard to get her to leave it once it's there.  Finally, the other day, she understood that her sunglasses should stay on her face, so they block the sun.  She really enjoyed wearing them and loved showing them off.

It may be hard to tell with the picture, but Eva got 2 more teeth in the last couple days, so she now has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

One of Eva's favorite things to do is give Rocky a treat.  No matter what she's doing, if I say "Do you want to give Rocky a treat?" She immediately stands up and runs over to where his treats are in the kitchen waiting for me to give one to her.  Since she has what Rocky wants, she takes full advantage and makes him chase her around the house for a while laughing the whole time, until she finally fumbles and the treats falls out of her hand and into Rocky's mouth. I might actually feel sorry for Rocky if he wasn't so grouchy with her all the time, haha.

What will Miss Eva do next?

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