Me llamo Rocky

Quack, Quack, Quack

After a long hard work week, Dana was also faced with an entire Saturday of work.  Since it was pouring rain, Eva, Rocky and I were left alone in the house for the entire day. We were bored silly and poor daddy didn't get home until midnight.  Needless to say, Sunday morning we were really excited to get out of the house and spend the day together.  We went out for breakfast, then headed to Escondido to visit the Wild Animal Park.  It was the perfect day to go, for there weren't many people.  Unfortunately, we forgot our camera...but it gave us an excuse to have fun in the photo booth

We let Eva walk around and guide the way, which was pretty entertaining.  She loved the ducks most of all and even developed her own duck call.  It is hilarious to listen to, for she seriously sounds exactly like a duck.  Every time she saw one, she started making her call.  Maybe this girl is going to be an animal whisperer? 

Since I've been back from my trip to Colorado, we have seen so many new things Eva has been entertaining us with.  Since I don't have the pictures to match the "new things", I am going to interchange between a story and a picture to keep you captivated ;)

1.  Eva has been walking backwards.  I can tell she thinks its super cool that she can do it.  She will create certain routines that require some backwards action and keep repeating it.  And, if she bumps into something she acts like it was part of the plan.  No question this girl is a funny one.

(Helping Mommy Dust while watching Daffy Duck--thats my little multi-tasker!)

2.  Eva enjoys putting her shoes on.  She is starting to understand the concept of putting shoes on to go somewhere.  Its one of the only times she will do what I ask instead of running in the opposite direction.  Most of her shoes all velcro, which she enjoys strapping, then she runs to the back door and waits until it opens to run out to my car.

(very interested in the concept of mittens...I think she thought they were hand puppets)

3.  Eva is very interested in her surroundings and now likes to point at just about everything, saying "Whatisthat?".  Yup, all one word.  Too cute!

("Let me see!")

4.  Since we've been working on 1 nap a day (which isn't as smooth of a transition as the first few days), Eva has been much more fussy.  She has developed this entire act of "throwing a fit", which only makes me laugh.  If she doesn't like what you do, she immediately turns to the ground, sprawls out and "pretend cries".  I usually pay no attention to it, but sometimes it is so obvious that she isn't even upset but trying to get a reaction that I will lay down next to her and cry right back.  She can't help but laugh at that point.

(Rediscovering one of her older toys)

5.  One of favorite new moves is her "pretend eating".  I started noticing in in the bathtub when she would use her pointer finger and thumb and pretend to pick up bubbles and put them in her mouth and smack her lips.  She started doing it when she has an empty snack cup, or even pretend to take something out of my empty hand and eat it.  When she's feeling tricky, she will come to me and pretend she has something already in her mouth, waiting for me to ask what's in her mouth, then she will run away, pretending to keep putting more things in her mouth, hoping I will chase her.  Seriously?  I just can't get enough.

(My favorite "O" face while checking out the washer)

6.  She has finally said "Momma".  Its only been a few times and she stumbles on saying it, so I have to help her...but she can say it!  I can usually get her to say it about twice, but then after that anytime I say "momma", she'll respond by saying "baby".

(Happy Girl)

7.  Lastly, Eva has become quite fond of the garbage.  She loves throwing garbage away, which most times isn't what mommy would consider garbage.  Many times, she will take what's in the recycling and transfer it into the garbage until I catch her doing it.  I've also found books, sippy cups, and socks in there.  I guess its time to buy a hi-tech baby-proof garbage.

(Eva's new 2T chihuahua pajamas.  She sure loves her puppies...and, after only 2 months of wearing her 18 month clothing, Eva has outgrown just about everything and has jumped into 2T...she's our fast growing little girl!)

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