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A Birthday With My Baby

Last week was a fun week for all of us since there was so much to celebrate.  Tuesday was Valentine's Day, which we already blogged about (read it here), then Wednesday was Eva's indoor class.  She had tons of fun playing with foam blocks...

Then took a nice, relaxing dip in the ball pool...

Thursday was my birthday, but really, it was just a beautiful day that I got to spend with Eva (what more could a mother really ask for?).  We went to our outdoors class at a nice park.  Eva really enjoyed herself.  One of my favorite pictures from that day is this one here...

"Peek a Boo!"

And speaking of Peek-a-boo, its her new favorite thing.  If she even notices someone slightly covering their face, she immediately takes that opportunity to play a little game of peek-a-boo with them.  Its rather funny, because she also always plays in her high chair when she is done eating.  Its her new way of letting me know she's finished eating.  Its pretty cute, all except the mess is makes from covering her eyes with messy food hands.

Anyway, back to our weekend.  As we use to do before Eva was born, Dana planned a little getaway for the two of us to celebrate my birthday.  Our friends, Paulette and Bo, were kind enough to stay at our house Friday night to watch Eva so we could spend a little time just the two of us.  Dana surprised me with a night at The Lodge Torrey Pines, with a beautiful room with an amazing view. (I realize there is no view in this pic, but you have no idea how hard we tried)

We spoiled ourselves with an amazing dinner and a little bit too much wine, then woke up and got an extremely relaxing couples massage, spending the rest of the day at the spa and grabbing some lunch before we headed home.  We enjoyed one signature drink to end our little trip...

When we got home, we were greeted with a very happy little girl and two wonderful friends who couldn't tell us enough how much they enjoyed Eva's company.  Bo was very impressed with Eva saying "Thank you" every time they handed her something and Paulette couldn't believe all she had to say was "Do you want to go to bed?" and then watch Eva turn and walk right into her bedroom to get tucked in for the night.  That little girl sure makes mommy proud.

Since I'm already on a role boasting about my beautiful Eva, I may as well keep going.  Another new thing that mommy has really enjoyed is how much of a helper Eva has become.  She LOVES helping me put dishes away after they've been washed in the dishwasher.  You can see how happy she is to be a part of the process, and I love that I'll have her trained to do it on her own soon enough ;)

Even though Eva is finally saying Momma, it doesn't change how much she loves her daddy.  She is now starting to sense when Daddy is about to come home from work.  This day, she went to the garage door and stood as high as she could to reach the knob as she was saying "Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!" waiting for him to walk through.  I opened the door for her (which leads to the garage), and she took a box, carried it to the door and sat in it waiting for Daddy to come home.  Too cute for words!

Ok, ok, I think I'm done now. :)

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