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Here, There, And Everywhere!

With less words and more pictures, I will try and map out our week and Eva's new things.

On Tuesday, we met with Aiden and mommy, Melinda, for a play date at the park.  Of course Aiden and Eva ran in opposite directions most of the time, so the only time I could document them together was during snacktime.

On Wednesday, our toddler class went to Seaworld.  We invited our friends, Marieva and mommy, Paula for a fun day!  Here are the girls checking out the Turtle Reef.

While it was hard to get Eva to sit still for the ride to start, as soon as we started moving, mommy and Eva had fun flying high and low with Elmo :)

On Thursday, we met at Spanish Landing Park with our toddler class.  My super studious daughter took this time to catch up on her reading...

On Saturday and Sunday, Eva spent lots of time outside helping daddy catch up with his yard work.  After attempting to spray herself so many times with freezing cold water, she has finally mastered watering the trees without getting herself wet!

Sunday, the family spent the day at the San Diego Zoo

Eva really got to connect with the Orangutans

During my last Wal-mart visit, I picked up a chair for Eva to use out back when Mommy and Daddy were sitting in their chairs, but after forgetting how much EVA LOVES CHAIRS I realized that this chair wasn't going anywhere past the house.  It is now her favorite place to sit.  She loves to carry it around and set it in different rooms in the house.  And, if you think you want to try it out and have a seat...WATCH OUT!  That's Eva's chair :)

She still loves playing with Daddy in her car every night before she goes to bed (especially when she is sans clothes and diaper), woohooo!

Eva's vocabulary and communication is really starting to blossom alot.  She is really paying attention to how we say words and what they mean.  She has conquered yes, which is "yeah", with a proper headshake...and "No" while shaking her head to that, too.  She is starting to answer yes or no questions, whether her answer is accurate or not is another thing.  She has been practicing the word "shoe".  In fact, yesterday, while she thought she was alone in the hallway, I peaked around the corner to see what she was up to.  She kept pointing to her shoe and saying "Shoe, shoe, shoe".  It was so cute listening to her practice the word during her alone time.

I'm hoping for a far less busy week this week, momma is starting to slow down a little with all this hustle bustle. :)

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