Me llamo Rocky

Out With The Old And In With The New

While we are just as busy as ever, I just had to allow myself a one week brake from blogging, hence no blog last week.  And, after taking just one week off, I have so many new things to share (and no time to edit, sorry for the horrible transitions).

Gone are the days where I told everyone about my "really good eater".  It seems Eva has turned into "Miss Picky" overnight.  I can't get her to eat any veggies, barely any fruit, well, nothing seems to be interesting to her except goldfish and macaroni and cheese.  She wouldn't drink her milk, or juice, or I finally caved in and tried chocolate syrup in her milk...and what do you know?  Little Eva is a regular milk drinker now.

At the same time, though, Eva is really becoming quite smart and been great at showing us everything she knows.  She baby-babbles ALOT, and she sounds so serious in her conversations.  Daddy and I are just dying trying to figure out what she is saying. 

Shes not just socially smart, but she's book smart, too!  She is now starting to match items.  Like, in a book they have pictures in a column that you are suppose to find throughout the page.  I point at something in the column, then she will point to it on the page.   She is also starting to count to 3.  I will hear her saying "Do, Two, Weeeee!"  And, if I'm counting to her, she will count right along with me.

Another new thing I've noticed is that Eva has shown a bit of a jealous side.  I've always noticed, in the past, that Eva has been very passive when other kids have become territorial over something she has or is interested in and has had no problems just giving whatever it is to them so they stop yelling at her.  But last week I experienced something a little different.  While Eva and I were playing with a toy that had 3 pop-up things on it, 2 other girl became interested in what we were doing.  First, Eva pushed one girl away, then when the other girl reached to push the things down, Eva quickly pushed them all down so the other girl couldn't.  I asked her to share, which she started to do, but them immediately sat on my lap and totally showed so much love to me to let the girls know that I was her mommy and not theirs. 

With that, Eva has become very infatuated with her "babies and puppies", which are her stuffed animals.  She prefers her lamb and penguin to sleep with, and when she wakes up in the morning, they need to come out of the crib first, then Eva, then she will carry them around everywhere.  I won't let her leave the house with them, so sometimes we have to set them up beside the door to say good-bye and be sure they are waiting for us when we get back.  It's actually pretty cute.  Eva really has alot of love to give and she will give it to just about any stuffed animal. 

Once all this cold rain disappears, Eva and I are going to be ready to hit the water.  To get a headstart on the summer season, we met up with some friends at a pool a couple weekends ago, where Eva had a BLAST.

And later that day, Eva had a date with her friend, Cole (these two were SOOO CUTE together)

While it was sunshine and hot days not that long ago, it quickly changed for us over this last weekend.  We were stuck indoors all weekend with tons of rainfall and hail.  Probably the only time ever that the midwest had better weather than us.  Daddy, Eva, Rocky, and I managed to entertain each other enough to not go stir crazy, and right when we couldn't take it anymore, Heather, Ryan, and the kids surprised us with a visit.  What a great way to end the rainy weekend!

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