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Eva's Week of Egg Hunting

Being that Eva's classes have spring break next week, they celebrated Easter this last week with an egg hunt for each class.  I had a hunch Eva would pick up on the sport pretty quick since she loves to carry buckets, putting small objects into them and carrying them around.  Everyone was to bring a basket and 6 eggs to class for the teacher to hide.  We waited for teacher Michelle to give us the ok, then Eva took off, and boy was I right about my hunch!  She looked high and low to find the best eggs...

And when she found 6 of her favorites, she sat with her friends to see what was inside...

Thursdays class was similar, except since Eva already knew what she was doing she became very attached to her basket with eggs.  Here she was on the way to class...

When the teacher gave the kids the ok, Eva ran right to the eggs and started putting them into her basket like an old pro.  She farly exceeded her 6 egg limit, so after she was done, we helped rehide the extras...

As soon as she was done, we regrouped with Marieva and mommy Paula to check out what was inside.  I think Eva might've liked Marieva's snacks a little more...

Now that I saw how much Eva enjoyed it, I'm really excited for Easter morning when she gets to egg hunt with her cousins at our house :)

On Friday, I needed to make a Target run and decided to buy Eva a potty chair.  No, I'm in no hurry to push her to learn, but lately she's been excited to have me change her when she has a poopy diaper.  And, being that she has a huge love for chairs, I thought why not put a potty in the bathroom for her to be curious about.  Sure enough, everytime she sees mommy going potty, she asks me "Potty chair?" pointing to her chair.  When I say yes, she backs her butt up and sits in her chair...

I'm not counting on miracles here, but it sure is great to see her early curiosity :)

Over the weekend the weather has been pretty cool, so I've been reluctant to spend too much time outside.  Eva STILL has a runny nose and has been showing other cold symptoms off and on.  I desperately want her to get better.  But, on Sunday, Dana and I just wanted to get out for a little while.  It was children's day at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, so we went to check it out.  We ran around checking out all the beautiful colors of the flowers, munched on kettlecorn (Dana and Eva's favorite snack), and took a wagon ride through the fields.

It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

Now that there is no class this upcoming week, I am focusing on getting my little girl back to great health.  Please, everyone, send healthy vibes to Eva all week.  I REALLY REALLY want her feeling 100% by the time Easter is here.  Eva would appreciate all your vibes :)

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