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15 Weeks

About a week ago I went in for my first doctor's appointment since we've verified the pregnancy.  It was a fun experience because my mom was visiting, so she got to accompany me at my appointment while Uncle Derek stayed home to babysit Eva.

(15 weeks pregnant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

At the appointment, I learned that I've only gained 1 pound, which I was really surprised about.  I feel like I have been eating at least twice as much as I'm use to and wonder where it's all going.  But, looking back at where I was with Eva during this time of pregnancy, it is looking about the same.  I am in my second trimester now and feeling great.  I was taking naps just about every day for a few months and starting to think thats just what it was going to be like for the whole pregnancy, but I was pleasantly surprised to feel that I was no longer needing the extra rest time throughout the day.  I haven't experienced nearly as much morning sickness as I did with Eva and I could usually stave off any nausea with a snack, and now those mild occurances aren't even happening.  Its hard for me to even believe I'm pregnant right now. 

After feeling so great and barely even feeling pregnant, I was also very eager to hear the baby's heartbeat when we were in for the doctor's visit.  My midwife cut right to the chase and found the heartbeat almost immediately.  My mom and I were excited to hear a healthy swoosh-swoosh.  Of course, I had to find out the heartrate, after hearing the old wivestale about heartrate versus sex.  Baby's heartrate was in the solid 150's, which according to the saying, it would mean we're having a girl.  But, after further investigation, we found that there is absolutely no truth or studies to prove that to be true.  And, luckily, we only have 3 1/2 more weeks to validate for sure what I already know is true: we're having a boy.  How do I know?  I just do!  I feel it.  Not going to lie, I will be in complete shock if we find out its a girl (but a happy shock, regardless).

Anyway, Eva keeps me happy and on my toes, so this pregnancy is going by very fast.  Until next month, thanks for all the well wishes and happy pregnancy thoughts everyone has been sending me :)

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