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Uncle Derek's Visit

A little over two weeks ago my brother, Derek, came to help us put a new roof on our house.  He is an expert in the area and having him come out to do it also gave us time to spend with him.  It was a win win for everyone.  The first five days were spent hard at work, but ended with a beautiful new roof...

The rest of the time was spent as Uncle Derek.  To say that Eva was quite fond of her Uncle would be an understatement.  She just absolutely adored him!  He pampered her with so much love and attention and she gobbled it right up!  We spent his first fun day enjoying the Harbor at Seaport Village where they had a carousel for us to try out.  It was probably the fastest carousel I have ever been on and while Eva and Uncle Derek had a blast, mommy couldn't wait for it to be over...

We spent another gorgeous day at Coronado Beach, but once we got to the beach, the temperature dropped a little and the breeze picked once you got wet, you were REALLY COLD.  But, that didn't stop Uncle Derek, Daddy, and Eva from hitting the waves.  Eva shivered her way through every wave, anxiously waiting for the next one to come. 

Mommy and Granny fed everyone snacks and tried to keep Eva warm when the waterplay was done.  Everyone participated in sandcastle time, but our trip was somewhat short and soon it was ready to head home.

On Saturday night, Granny stayed home to babysit Eva while Dana and I treated Derek to a night out.  We started by visiting a rooftop bar, overlooking downtown San Diego....

Then ended the night with a scrumptious surf and turf dinner. 

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to all be able to spend Mother's Day together...thats right, Dana, Eva, and myself, and Derek and Granny.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  We visited the Wild Animal Safari Park for brunch and spent the rest of the day there.  It was a gorgeous day and Eva did great considering that she had to take her nap in the stroller.  Uncle Derek held her while we took a safari ride through the park, Eva couldn't have been happier (will blog more about Mother's Day in my mom's blog)...

When it came to the last night Uncle Derek was here, he made sure to get his cuddle time with Eva and put her to bed.  By the end of his trip he had become a pro at changing diapers (even poopy ones!), changing clothes, putting Eva to bed without a single peep, and babysitting our little girl.  On his last night, he read her her favorite books and layed her in bed...

We were sad to see Uncle Derek go, but the time we got with him was so special.  To see the love that he had for Eva and how quickly she took to him put the biggest smile on my face :)  We can't wait for your next visit, Uncle Derek! 

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