Me llamo Rocky

Granny Duty

Granny flew in about two weeks ago to spend time with Eva and enjoy her vacation time.  Immediately she joined us in our busy schedule of fun and activities.  One her first day here we spent the morning at Balboa Park where we ran around chasing birds, then ended with a visit to the Children's Science Center...

Granny joined us in our Thursday Outdoor Experience class (and of course I forgot my camera), but Eva had the coolest Grandma around.  She was going down the slides with her, swinging, and running in the sand.  I so wish I had my camera!

A lot of time has been spent at the house, where Granny soaks up the sun while Eva keeps her on her toes.  Here you can see Granny had to push Eva in the wheel barrow all around the yard, while, yes, Eva read a book.  Talk about multitasking!

Like I mentioned in the previous blog, Dana, Eva, Derek, my mom, and I all got to spend Mother's Day together.  Before we left for our brunch adventure at the Safari Park, Eva was excited to give Granny the card we got for her...

And, before we would forget, we got a cute three generations girl pic :)

As soon as we were done with brunch, Eva spotted the carousel at the Safari Park, which neither Granny nor myself could deny her, so we decided to join her instead...

The best part about Granny's visit, though, has been that she spent 6 whole days watching over Eva, while Dana and I took a romantic vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, just the TWO of us!  Blog for our vacation coming soon!

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