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Eva Veronica Turns 18 Months Old

Our little Eva Veronica is little no longer.  After turning 18 months old this last Friday, we've noticed Eva in a whole new light.  Despite the fact that she isn't quite forming sentences yet, she is so much of a big girl that I don't see any bit of baby in her any more.  It really is crazy how much she has changed and grown in the last few months.

She weighs about 27 lbs (about 75%), which is making it much more difficult to carry her around

She has grown tremendously at a height of 34" (98%), toppling over many of her 2 year old friends

She has 14 teeth with 2 more on their way

She is mastering many words and has found new ways to communicate using sounds and lots of hand gestures.  With that, she is also learning many sing-alongs that she loves to sing all day long.  Some of her favorites are Ring Around the Rosie, which she wants everyone around her to join in singing and ringing.  If You're Happy and You Know It is another favorite, along with The Wheels on the Bus.

She has become very observant, noticing even the smallest details on things.  For instance, we are shopping and I'm walking down the milk aisle and she is yelling "Moo! Moo!" and I am like "Yes, Eva, cows say 'Moo!'" Only finally do I look over and see behind the glass door a teeny tiny little cow head on a carton of milk so small that some people need a magnifying glass to see it, but Eva, well, she could spot that cow a mile away.

She still has a huge love for shoes, chairs, and carrying things in a purse or bucket, but is also very fascinated with airplanes, birds, and bees.

She now has a stronger opinion of what she wants and what she likes.  She prefers going to bed by rocking with a blanket on her while reading books (rocking and books are nothing new, but the blanket is a new thing that she is very adamant on).  She is letting me know what she wants to wear...lately, its her pink boots (yup, in this hot weather) and skirts.  Notice in the picture above, she's wearing a cute yellow dress, but also her favorite accessory (her pink boots!)  And, let me tell you, every time she says the word "boots", it is seriously the cutest thing coming out of her mouth.

She is very inquisitive, really paying attention to what the words are for certain things.  I try to show her and explain as much as I can and watch to see what she absorbs.  It sure it surprising how much she remembers.  She knows all her body parts like hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc., she pays attention to everything on her plate at dinner, colors, different animals, whatever it is.  She will point over and over to hear me say the words of what things are so she can absorb and later attempt to say the word.

I'm sure you're starting to get the point here, Miss Eva is growing fast and she is a little smarty pants.  She couldn't make mommy and daddy more proud.  Happy One and a Half Years, my baby!

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