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I'm a Big Girl, Outta My Way!

Right around the 18 month mark I feel like our world has been turned upside down.  Gone are the days of a routine mommy built, in come the days ruled by Eva.  It seems that over night Eva has decided that she is now going to speak up for herself and make sure she gets what she wants.  While mommy is trying to embrace this new sense of independance, she is also trying hard to keep up with the demands of her new little girl.  From afar, I deeply admire how smart, strong, and independant Eva has become.  In the midst of it all, I deeply amire how patient I have learned to be and how proud I am to have raised our beautiful little daughter.  And, I'm not the only one, you can see it in his eyes just how proud daddy is, too...

Eva has become very passionate about everything that is of interest.  Lately, one of those passions has been in transportation.  She knows what trucks, buses, airplanes, and helicopters are and how to say them.  She spends most of her days looking for these things so that she can point them out and say the word outloud.  She has such a keen eye for them that she'll spot them almost minutes before I can even see or hear them.  With that, though, is so much focus on these vehicles that I'm starting to get confused.  How do you explain the difference between a truck, an SUV, and a van?  The difference between a bicycle, a scooter, and a motorcycle?  I don't want to overwhelm her from all the vehicles, but sometimes i don't know what category to put them in or when and how to simplify to toddler terms.

Speaking of transportation, here she is waiting for her very first trolley ride.  She was excited to watch the trolleys go by and couldn't wait to jump on one...

In other transportation news, Eva has decided strollers are for babies, and she is no baby.  Almost every day since she's been born, we always take a 2 mile neighborhood walk. ( I promised Rocky not to give up his walks!)  On most days, Eva was content and happy watching as everything zoomed by her while she sat in her stroller.  But not anymore, now she wants to "Walk!  Walk!  Walk!"  While I'm starting to realize this is now the case, I am starting to adjust.  I realize our walks will now take twice as long and I will have to learn to juggle a stroller, a walking toddler, and a dog.  Its no easy task.  With the walking I am now teaching Eva how to be safe by staying on the sidewalk and holding hands across the street.  But, as I mentioned above, sometimes her strong sense of needing independance kicks in and a power struggle begins, which turns into a tantrum in the middle of the street.  I do notice that she is getting better and more understanding about it over time, but boy has it taken time.  ;)  Sometimes, she'll even test me, just to see how much I'm paying attention.  She'll let me get ahead of her a little bit, then stop and put her foot in someone's yard and say "No, no." and keep doing it until I finally tell her to stay on the sidewalk.  Really?  I see years of trouble ahead of me.

Not only does she not want to be in her stroller, but she also wants to be the one to push it.  It was tough at first, for her steering skills were lacking, but she's really starting to get the hang of it...

As I have been saying, Eva is really learning how to get what she wants.  Twice now I have witnessed her doing something I didn't even think someone this young would be capable of doing.  One day Eva was crying to daddy that she wanted to play on his lap top.  He continued to say no over and over, for we don't let her play on our computers.  Usually with that much persistance and no budging on daddy's end, she would follow up with a loud tantrum.  But, this day (as I was overhearing it from down the hall) I noticed a much more subdued Eva.  Hmmm.  Then I hear "Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!".  As she finds me, she asks me to come with her because she wants to show me what she wants.  She pulls my finger down the hall, around the corner, into the living room and right over to daddy's computer to show me she wants to play on it.  Haha.  As soon as I said no, the tantrum followed.  Really?  Its starts this young?  If daddy won't let me, then I'll ask mommy.  She'll learn quickly that mommy and daddy are on the same team.  At least I hope thats how it will be ;)

A perfect time to squeeze in a picture of Eva.  Here's her very first ice cream cone.  Yummy!

With Eva's growing independance is a growing vocabulary.  She really wants to learn new words and love to practice them.  She listens very intently to us as we talk and likes to pick out words that she understands.  The other day I was yelling for Dana and all of a sudden, there's Eva running over to the door, yelling outside "Dana!  Dana!  Dana!".  It was adorable.  She also has a list of people whose names she runs through on a daily basis.  I especially hear her talking about them when she is laying in her crib.  It usually goes a little something like this "Daddy, Mommy, Yayee (Rocky), Row-Row (Rowan), Merrick, Rory, Mak (Max), Derek" then repeat.  I really do spend an equal amount of time talking about all her family, but these names just happen to stick.  And, with all these new words, Eva is putting an asserted effort in trying to form sentences.  She will try to put 3-4 words together to form a whole idea.  For instance, the other day I decided we would go outside to eat popsicles.  The last time we ate popsicles was when Uncle Derek was out here working on our roof, which was over a month ago.  And I kid you not, she took her popsicle outside, pointed up to the roof and said "Derek Daddy roof".  I couldn't believe she remembered and even formed all the words to express her memory.  Impressive, my little darling.

In need for another adorable picture?  Here's Eva right after we had her spray-tanned for her summer glow...

Ok, you got me.  Its spaghettios.

As Eva forms new words and learns how to use them in sentences, she has blossomed in the music department (this will make Grandma happy).  She sings along to almost all of her favorite songs and can sometimes even beat me to the next word.  I love hearing her sing along, but it becomes a little tricky for this amateur singer, for I easily get off key and lose the words.  But now Eva is learning the ABC's, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-a-bye Baby, Ring around the Rosie, and a couple kids songs we listen to on Pandora.  Good luck getting her to sing for you, though, as I notice she will only do it when she thinks she's alone or with mommy at bedtime.

Brushing Eva's teeth has always been a struggle.  I've had to pin her down on most occasions to get to them.  But, she still acts like it's one of her favorite things to do.  She'll run into the bathroom and request to brush her teeth.  I've developed a song that seems to help things a little bit, but I can probably say brushing her teeth is my least favorite job.  When I'm all done, the fun part comes for Eva.  I give her a chance to practice the routine herself.  She enjoys watching herself in the mirror and showing off her pearly whites when she's all done.  Here she is hard at work (and notice, her hair is long enough to fit into a ponytail!  Daddy just couldn't get over how adorable she looked)...

Whew!  Ok, I think I'm done here.  I realize this was a very long post, so thank you for those of you who made it to the end.  We've just been experiencing so many new accomplishments and I wanted to keep them documented to look back on in the future.  And, because I am so proud and so much in love with my daughter, I just couldn't help but share all her new beginnings with all her loved friends and family.

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