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As usual, Eva and I have been very busy running around and having fun.  With Daddy out of work for the weekend, we packed it full of fun, new, and exciting events.  First off, Dana has been wanting to get a bike seat of some sort for quite some time now so we can go for family bike rides.  Over the last week, he got our bikes tuned up and made a decision on a seat on the back of his bike.  He came home from work with bikes, new seat attached, and a pink helmet for Eva.  She didn't quite understand what the helmet was for, but she sure was excited to try it on and get buckled in the seat.

The second Daddy took off, she was squealing so loud in delight!  She just couldn't get enough of her new ride. 

Now, every time we walk through the garage (EVERYDAY), she cries and cries because she wants to go for another ride.  It might be Daddy and Eva's new tradition when he gets home from work.  :)

One morning, Eva got up and kept saying "Ma!", over and over.  I said "I don't understand what you're saying, honey, can you try and show me?"  So, she runs to the kitchen, pulling my finger along, goes into the cupboard and pulls out the muffin pan and says it again "Ma!"  Apparently, she wanted muffins.  (How she knew they went in that pan, or even where that pan was is beyond me).  So, I decided it was time to teach her how to bake.  She helped me pour all the ingrediants in the bowl, then used her wooden spoon to mix...

She loved helping, then gobbled up 2 whole muffins right out of the pan.

When Aunt Jean called to tell us she was going to be in town for a week to visit, we couldn't wait to see her.  We drove up to where she was staying, meeting Heather, Ryan, Rowan, Kierce, and Merrick there as well.  We had a super fun day at the beach together (althought I don't have many pictures to share of everyone)...

Daddy kept Eva very happy and entertained jumping in the waves, playing in the sand, and lulling her to sleep under the umbrella for a cat nap, which allowed us an entire day together in the sun.

On another day, we met up with Eva's favorite friend, Marieva, and her parents for a day of bouncy house fun.  There was a bouncy house festival on the bay which included 10+ bouncy house obstacles, slides, bouncers, and more.  Daddy taught Eva how to climb up the foam steps to reach the top of the slides...

Then joined hands with Marieva and her daddy to go down the "World's Largest Water Slide"...

I wish I had a good picture of them actually going down the slide.  Eva and daddy had scared looking faces as they were sliding down, but when they landed, OMG, Eva was screaming and jumping up and down and running in circles with her hands in the air, then running back towards the stairs as fast as she could to do it again.  Her reaction was absolutely priceless!

After bouncing around for a few hours, the girls built up quite the appetite, as did us parents, so we met up for burgers at Station Tavern.  Eva refused to eat with mommy and daddy, insisting to sit with Marieva.  These girls are just too cute together!

And now to end this blog I will share with you all yet another adorable picture of Eva and Daddy...

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