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Second Week of Wisconsin Girls Trip

After our trip to the lake house, things slowed down for a few days.  We headed back to Ashland to spend some more time at Granny's, but this time we were greeted at the door with Uncle Derek and Aunt Cortney.  Eva was soooo excited to see them!  After the initial excitement they surprised Eva with a bag full of goodies.  She got Dora pajamas, Dora shoes that light up, and three new books.

And soon after that, it was play time.  It was so nice!  Mommy got to relax on the couch, while Uncle Derek and Aunt Cortney exhausted all their energy entertaining Eva.  Needless to say, she was in heaven. 

Later that night, Granny treated us to a Dairy Queen cake, which I had been craving pretty much for this whole pregnancy (I can't find a DQ close enough to get any here).  We had it decorated in....of course....Dora!  And, yummy, it sure was good!

Since Cortney and Derek were only visiting for 2 days, we wanted to do as much with them as possible.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and made it to the "Purple Park" for a morning walk with the dogs.  Eva had fun trying out all the slides and swings...

And on their last day, we took a visit to the visitor's center, where we said our good-byes with hugs and kisses.

On another day at Granny's, Aunt Mary Kay stopped over to see us, walking through the door with a bag full of goodies for Eva (Yup, she certainly got spoiled on our trip).  In the bag was plenty of really nice things, but of course, the most entertaining was the Dora bubbles.  Aunt Mary Kay taught Eva how to blow, and to Eva's surprise Snickers loved the bubbles.  He would jump up and bite them, which Eva thought was the funniest thing she'd ever seen.  Soon enough, she, too, was eating the bubbles.  It was quite entertaining for all of us to see...

On another beautiful afternoon, Granny, Eva, and myself took the dogs for a walk down to Lake Superior.  It's the dogs' favorite time of day, for Granny throws sticks in the water and they chase to get them.  Eva loved helping, and even enjoyed some water and sand time herself.  Granny and Eva found some rocks to throw in the sand, while taking a break from stick throwing.  Watching the two of them giggling as they threw the rocks was absolutely priceless...

Soon enough, though, it was time to part from Ashland and carry on in our journey.  We headed to Plymouth, Mn to spend a couple nights with my cousin Gwenda and her husband, Matt.  They recently bought a new house and a new puppy, Dewey, so I had been excited to see both and have the honor to stay at the house overnight.  Their place was beautiful!  And, the company was even better :)  While we were there, Gwenda and Matt went to a very important visit to the doctor to get the first ultrasound pictures of their new baby!  I was so excited to be there during the excitement and see that little baby's picture.  We celebrated with a little gift, which Eva helped open...

And Eva got some cuddle time, showing Gwen and Matt how fun it will be to have a toddler running around their house...

On one of the nights at their place, Gwenda and Matt were gracious enough to host some of my friends over for a BBQ.  My friends, Miranda and Mike, and their two adorable children came over for a night of play, talk, and great food (including another DQ cake!  Lucky me :) ).  This was our first time meeting little Blake, who Eva took to right away (great for mommy to see!)...

And, it was our second time getting Brenna and Eva together.  They sure took up right where they left off.  Eva loved doing everything Brenna did, and Brenna was so patient with teaching Eva how to be a big girl...

Soon it was baby bedtime, so we had to part ways.  It was sad to say our good-byes so soon, but we are so happy we were able to squeeze in some much needed time!

And, just a day later, it was time for us to end our journey.  We spent the day with Gwen before taking us to the airport.  Eva, again, did great on the plane.  When we landed, everyone around us told Eva she was so good!  She was happy to hear it and also very proud to tell them all that she's getting off the plane to see "Daddy!  Rocky!".  No amount of tiredness could stop her from running all the way from the plane to baggage claim to wrap her arms around Daddy.

We have made it home safe and are glad to get back on track, but boy do we miss everyone we saw.  Thank you to all for the time we got with meant the world to us.

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