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Getting Life Back on Track

Since we've back at home, its been a little rough getting ourselves back on track.  We've been working on a kitchen remodel that we were hoping would be done by the time we got back from Wisconsin, but we are still looking at another week of work.  With that is a noisy house during the day and lots of eating out; two of Eva's biggest challenges.  While my sweet little child is doing the best that she can with all the changes, it is really starting to take a toll on her.  Sleep time has become quite the challenge, gone have been the days of sleeping through the night, or 2 hours naps during the day.

And, with lack of sleep, comes a great big attitude.  Eva's not typically one to throw much of a tantrum, but in the last couple days, its all Dana and I have been use to seeing.  If Dana even dares look at her, she says "Daddy, sop!"  With her hand drawn out and pushing him away.  Then, "Sop it, daddy, sop it!" and then "Mommy, tell Daddy Sop!"  But two seconds later, will start crying because he "stopped" whatever it was that he was doing.  If I ask her "Want to brush your teeth?" she yells, in excitement "Otay!", but when I show her the toothbrush, she starts screaming and crying like I just hurt her somehow and she's miracuously found more "owies" on her body in the last week or so than I can even count.  I guess I could go on and on, but you get the point.  Baby girl is sick and tired of her world being turned upside down.  :(

On top of all of that, she was sick with a 36-hr flu session over the weekend, which made for a long weekend indoors (it was 100 degrees outside, and her fever was 102), so not much fun there.

But despite all of that, if you unfold the layers of grouchiness with an upside down world, you will find a few snipits of fun and exciting things going on over here. Unfortunately, not many pictures to share, for I forgot my camera all week.  One, Eva went poopoo on her potty over the weekend.  She was in the bathtub and she told me she had to go.  When I asked her if she wanted to use her potty, she said "No, no!", but I put it in the tub anyway and said "If you change your mind you can sit on your potty and go poopoo on here." And, with a change of heart, she happily sat on her potty and went.  Dana and I made a huge deal about it with lots of cheering, clapping, and dancing.  Eva liked all the now we'll just hope for more experiences like that :)

Getting out of the house has been pretty tricky in the past month or so because it has been record-breakingly hot here.  Its far too hot for Eva or myself to be spending more than just a couple minutes outdoors, so we were happy to see that it cooled off to high 80's the last couple days.  Today, I acted quickly, asking friends Marieva and mommy Paula to meet us at the zoo to run around and have some fun before naptime.  We went to visit the ducks and flamingos, and followed the monkey trail, stopping at the orangutans for a snack...

and once we passed the hippos, the girls were excited to see all the pretty fishies...

And now that I've vented, its time for things to turn around.  Here's to hoping for a cooler week, a finished kitchen, and a well-rested and happy toddler!

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