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Pumpkin Belly Button

This last week was another hot one (and, possibly the last hot week--yay!), but I didn't let it stop us from going on our class field trips.  We got to visit two different pumpkin patches two days in a row.  I'd been curious to see what they were like with Eva at this age and I am so glad we went.  She had a blast.  On Wednesday, we visited Oma's Pumpkin Patch.  There was so much to do there from the second we walked through the entrance.

Plenty of Halloween-themed places to take a picture...

They had a whole area dedicated to children under 5, which had tons of tractors to push around, swing sets, slides, ducks, chickens, and lots of shade :)  There was also a huge cotton seed mountain the kids could slide down with a saucer.  It was super soft and slow enough to avoid any big collisions...

They had a hay maze, built just big enough for little ones...and NOT built for 8-month pregnant moms who don't want to lose their toddler.  Eva was on the run and thoroughly enjoyed my struggle to keep up with her.

I did end up losing her and was in a mild state of panic, but found her as soon as I got out of the maze just checking things out on the premises without me.  Thank god they had interesting things close by to keep her attention until I got to her or I would have been a basket case.

We joined our class on a tractor hide ride through the farm where we got to see a 1 day old calf and many more cows. Eva really enjoyed seeing them and talking to all of them.  And, right after the ride, we got to pick out our pumpkin to take home with us.  With tons and tons to pick from, Eva found hers right away.  She went over and picked it right up, as proud as can be...

As soon as she grabbed it, she flipped it over, just as they taught her, and looked to be sure it had a belly button.  "There it is!  Belly Button!" she said very excitedly, then we headed home with our trophy pumpkin.

On Thursday, we visited Pinery Pumpkin Patch, which wasn't quite as eciting, but it was a bit cooler day, so it was fun to run around without feeling too exhausted.  Eva had fun climbing on the pumpkins...

Being silly with the pumpkin sign...

and counting all the scarecrows on the hayride...

I was happy to see that the corn maze was family friendly and big enough for Eva and I to enjoy together...

And when Eva found the end, we landed in a field of pumpkins where we got to pick our own to take home.  Eva looked high and low to find the biggest pumpkin that she could handle carrying.  If it was too "hebby", she put it down to find the next one because she wanted to be able to carry it all the way back to the car.  This was the keeper!

Ever since the pumpkins found their new home at our place, Eva has been carrying them all around, very pleased with her selection.  :)

On Thursday, Dana and I had a fun adult day!  We don't get many of those, so we were very excited.  Dana won a yacht cruise at a silent auction event we took part in and chose to take all the managers at WDS and their significant others.  It was a beautiful day and the company was great!

We hung out until long past sunset (yes, I even made it past my bedtime of 8:30), talking, laughing, and well, being adults.  Here's the group:

Fun times!

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