Me llamo Rocky

Hello Kitty

Most of our weekend was spent at home, but we managed to have a lot of fun and get a lot done, allowing mommy to feel quite accomplished on this Monday afternoon.  I have a handful of fun pictures to share and will try to explain.

Eva and I got a fun Halloween package in the mail, which included a Dora Halloween book.  After reading it over and over about 10 times (until Eva could memorize the words and read it herself), we decided it was time to put our Halloween decorations up.  Eva was very excited, especially for the ghosts, since she just learned about them in her new book....

Last week, Dana came across a tricycle that a friend was selling.  He HAD TO HAVE IT for Eva, and with the look on her face, she had to have it, too...

This bike helps her understand pedaling and steering, but she still needs  a little help from Daddy.

While we were getting ready for bed one night, I was brushing my teeth, when I hear Eva say over and over "Look, Mommy, Look!" And, so I look and this is what I find...

Which would be a very talented monkey girl holding a toothbrush in between her toes on BOTH feet.  That's my girl!

While trying to get the house back together, after a messy couple of days, I was sad to see that Eva had a bunch of Chex cereal all over the floor and stepped on them, creating quite the mess.  I figured there was no time better than this time to teach her a little about cleaning up after herself.  She was actually quite excited about the job and did a great job vaccuming all the little pieces...

The one time we did get out of the house over the weekend was for Eva's really good friend, Marieva's birthday party.  Eva was super excited as soon as she saw this...

She could not wait to join Marieva and get inside to jump...

It was pretty funny because she would go in to jump, then come running out just to look at the Hello Kitty on the outside to make sure it was still there.  Then she would point it out to whoever was listening or close enough to see "Look!  Hello Kitty!" Then run back in and jump, jump, jump some more.

But very soon after taking a break from bouncing, Marieva and Eva got a glimpse of  a spraypad in the distance, and while mommy wasn't watching, Eva went straight into it, getting her clothes soaked.  It was luckily a hot day out, so the clothes came off to dry and Eva got to cool off in the water...

Earlier that morning, before getting to the party, Eva and I practiced singing Happy Birthday.  Eva has really been loving singing lately, so she was very excited that she knew the words and was ready when the real singing began at the party.  All the parents got the kids together and away we all sang.  Eva really liked being around all the other kids and was so excited about the song that once everyone was done singing, she took on a solo performance and one more round by herself.

Today, we met up with some friends from the park, Ezra and mommy, Lindsey.  We took a visit to the zoo, letting the kids run around and choose what animals we would see.  We landed on the monkey trail, which was alot of fun, taking a break so mommy could try to get a picture (mid-snack) of Eva and Ezra together...

We ended the day at the petting zoo, where the kids fed the goats some grass, Eva gave them her hugs and even gave a goat a kiss right on the lips :)

Hope you enjoyed our cute pics of the week.  Next week I will be sharing pictures of the baby's room (finally!!) And, for those waiting for kitchen pics, bare with me.  We are waiting on a few things to complete the room and then we will finally share :)

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