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Eva's Adventures in Trick or Treating

I know I typically wait until Monday to blog, but considering that my due date is fast approaching and we have so much going on, I wanted to be sure and blog about our Halloween while it's still fresh in my mind :)

In the morning, we headed out the door to class, where all the kids dressed up in their costumes and put on a parade through the administrative office.  It was alot of fun for Eva, she got a spider bracelet, a ring, a sticker book, and lots of stickers.  She was in heaven!

After naptime, we got dressed up again and headed over to the WDS office to visit Daddy and trick-or-treat with all the staff.  Eva was a little shy, for the spotlight was on her only, so I had to help her quite a bit.  But, once she started realizing that "Trick or Treat" meant she could get some candy, she really started to come around...

When Eva heard me say it was time to leave, she was not very happy.  She insisted on going to Daddy's office to work.  What I didn't realize is that she was very serious!  She wanted to go into Daddy's office so she could really work!  Talk about a little relief for daddy, he took care of phone calls while she took care of his emails...

We beat daddy home from work and as soon as we got through the door we started to get trick-or-treaters.  Being that it's Eva's first real year of celebrating the holiday, she had a hard time understanding why I was giving candy away to the other kids.  She started crying and yelling, saying "No, Eba's candy! No, Mommy!" and then wouldn't stop crying.  In order to calm her down, I wanted her to understand the process and decided to head to the neighbors so she could say "Trick or Treat" and get something in her bucket.  First stop was Frank and Vera's, where they were very excited to see a cute little butterfly fly through their door...

She was very happy with her treat and was content from then on out when we greeted more kids, in fact, she even started handing out candy herself.

Once daddy got home, we decided to hit the streets.  As we were walking through the neighborhood, a woman jumped out of her car and asked if she could give Eva a piece of candy because she was just "way too cute"....

It was a really cute moment because as she headed back to her car, I realized she took her sons bag of candy to give Eva a piece.  I heard the son come back to the car and say "Mom!  Are you trick or treating?" Almost like "Mom!  You can't cheat, you're an adult!" but she told him she wanted to give Eva candy and he said "Oh" then yelled over to us and said "Happy Halloween!  Hope you have a fun night!"  I thought that was so cute and very generous for him to be so thoughtful.

We did our rounds on the block and finished up at the best decorated house on the block.  Eva was having fun and wanted to run ahead with daddy to get their very fast...

But as soon as she got close, she froze!  It turned out to be a little more scary than she was anticipating.  After coaxing her with juice boxes, candy, pumpkins, plastic toys, and more she finally loosened up and even took a picture with us next to the haunted house...

We headed home to check out all of her goodies and let her eat whatever she wanted.  She obviously passed on dinner, wanting to replace it with her candy.  And after loading up on all the sugar she ran around the house like a little crazy lady until an hour after bedtime, and continuued to party in her crib for another hour after that.  As a mom, it sure was hard to watch her eat that candy, but I have to say she was pretty fun and enjoyed every minute of it, so I just need to suck it up :)

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