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Valentine's Day--4 Years Ago

We still argue about when our actual anniversary date is, but I do know that 4 years ago, on Valentine's Day, Dana won over my heart and our relationship was locked in. Before V-day, we were playing the "beginning of the relationship" game, where we weren't sure what our future held as a couple, testing our limits and wondering if it was all going to be worth it in the end. Then came the big day. We planned on spending it together, but I knew nothing more. I remember waking up at my old apartment earlier than the stores were even open and still hadn't planned anything!! I ran to Target, waiting for it to open and quickly ran inside--only to find that there was nothing there, but the leftovers, which was some really cheesy stuffed things, a few cards scattered and unorganized, and some candy. I settled with a stuffed blob thingy that said "I am Wild about you" and some Swoops in every flavor they had (he always talked about them, so I thought he really liked them--only to find out that he always said "Swoops" because they called on of their friends by the name to tease him--hey! I tried..ha!) Anyway, I rushed back home and waited. My roommate, Frank, and I sat there wondering what Dana had up his sleeve. And, then he arrived--and he was excited.

We took off in his 1989 BMW and drove through San Diego. At our final destination, we were at Montgomery Field, which is a smaller airport. I remember thinking we were going on a plane ride, but immediatly Dana said "We are at the airport to throw you for a loop. It really has nothing to do with planes". So, then I was confused. We sat in the little lobby and Dana kept making some phone calls and soon we were walking onto the field. And, suprise! We were going for a Seaplane ride. I was excited, but very nervous. One, I'd never had a guy do anything so special for me and didn't know how to act. And, two, we were going to fly over the ocean!! After the nerves relaxed, we were off. When we got in the air, we put the headphones on and the microphones so we could talk to each other and hear what we were saying. The first thing I heard when I put the headpeice on was music. I was a little thrown off because it was rap (dont' remember what song), which I thought was an unusual song choice for a pilot to choose for a couple on V-day. But, when the second song came on and it was another rap song I realized that Dana had also planned the music!! He knew how much I loved hip hop. The Seaplane was awesome, we got to see parts of San Diego that I never even knew existed. And when the ride was over, I wanted more.

plane  plane2

And that was just the beginning. We continued our adventure--it was dinner time.

We drove to Paradise Point (nice resort in SD), where we had dinner at Barefoot Bar and Grille. It was nice and intimate. We took some pictures by the scenery as the sun was setting and Dana said he didn't want it to end there.


Since we were right on the water, he suggested walking on the beach for a while. We walked a ways on the beach and then we were standing in front of some rooms. Dana said, "Look, it doesn't look like anyone is in that room, we should see if its open". I thought he was kidding, but he walked right up to the door. I started getting annoyed, thinking he was acting childish by trying to break into a room--and the door was open. I freaked out saying "What are you doing! Stop!". He then turned the lights on and right through the doorway I could see Champagne on ice and chocolate covered strawberries. I realized he walked into somebody's Valentine Day......It was ours!! It was a wonderful and unexpected Valentine's Day for me.

Now, yes, Dana did put a lot of work into making this such an adventurous day and he went above and beyond to impress me (good work, Dana!), but it was how he made me feel that won me over. Before Dana, I hadn't ever had a real boyfriend. Part of it may have been because I was always way too nervous to allow anyone to get close to me. But, there was something about Dana that made me feel so comfortable and happy. I always use to say I didn't like romantic things, but after spending that Valentine's Day with him, I realized I loved it. There was something about the way he acted, the way he made me feel that had me feeling like all of this romantic stuff came naturally to me. I was never thinking "What should I do now? How should I act? Do I look like a dork?...." no, I was so in the moment and enjoying every bit of it. That is how I knew I couldn't let him go. This is what it is suppose to feel like. And I don't want to share this feeling with anyone else besides him. 

Now, its been 4 years to the day and we are planning our future together. We have all of these memories to share and are so excited to have the rest of our lives to share many more.

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