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Just Can't Get Enough

I don't want to jinx this, but life at home with Enzo has been going REALLY well.  It definitely helps that Eva is the "Super Sister" sent from above.  She has her moments, but to me, they are so legit.  She now checks in for hugs and kisses if she is starting to feel a little disconnected from mommy, and usually I have no problem juggling Enzo feedings with Eva love.  Every morning, now, Daddy has been getting up with Eva, letting me sleep in a little or get Enzo ready for the day.  The second Eva gets a glimpse of me, she asks "Where'd Enzo go, Mommy?" She is always concerned about where he is and what he's doing.  When he's not in my arms, Eva will always check on him.  I will get a sneak peak of her rubbing his head, rubbing noses with him, or quietly saying "Hi, Enzo" as he sleeps...

She really enjoys having him around.

As everyone with more than one kid say, its so nice when your child has siblings because they can play together.  Well, being that Enzo is still too little to play, you would think that playing together isn't possible, but Eva does not discriminate with age or size.  The other day, while we were eating dinner, Eva was done and starting playing with her Little People Princess Castle.  I look over and she is holding the Princess sitting next to Enzo and telling him about the Prince.  She puts the Prince on him to hold and she and her Princess talked to Enzo and the Prince.  It was so cute to watch!

Then, on Saturday morning I was going to change Eva's diaper and asked if Enzo could lay in her crib for a minute.  She was very happy with the idea and after freshening up, said she wanted to lay in there with him and read him a book.  I plopped her next to him and she said "Blanket, please.  Enzo blanket, too!" so I tucked them into a blanket, got Eva a book and she began reading to him.  They layed in there for so long, Eva loved sharing her crib with her baby brother...

Enzo just turned 2 weeks old this last Sunday, and boy can I already see changes.  He has developed somewhat of a sleep pattern already, napping the same time as Eva and sometimes for longer, how did I get so lucky?  On most days, I've snuck in a little nap myself, which has been so nice and SO NEEDED.  He isn't sleeping through the night, in fact, he still gets up about every hour at night, but thats just 1 area we need to work on.  He's becoming much more alert in the middle of his naps, which means we get to see his beautiful blue eyes...

And after going to his 2 week check up today, we found that not only has he grown 2/3" since birth, but has already exceeded his birth weight by 8oz..  Normal weight gain at 2-3 weeks is that baby reaches back to his birth weight.  But, Enzo?  Nope, he's done that and much, much more.  In fact, Doc even said "If he wants to sleep through the night, by all means, let him, you don't have to worry about him needing to eat." 

Being that things have been going so smoothly so far, I've also been energized to get out of the house.  Especially when the weekend comes and Daddy is home with us.  I feel like Eva's been home more and getting a little bored, so I'm just ready to get her out and running around.  On Sunday, I saw that there was a Mother Goose Parade pretty close to our house.  Being that we are always reading the mother goose rhymes I thought this would be alot of off we went to have a little family fun...

What we learned, though, is that there was one float with mother goose on it, lots of pageant girls riding on the back on new mustangs, and lots of businesses trying to promote what they got, barely any floats, and nobody throws candy or anything fun!  Eva had tremendous patience and even seemed to enjoy sitting back and watching everything go by her, but mommy and daddy?  Our patience wore a little thin, we wanted more fun and action!

Next weekend will be much more fun, for Eva turns 2!!!

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