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Life At Home

With a baby and a toddler running our house, you can expect that there is never a dull moment.

Since Enzo's been born, many things in Eva's world have changed.  She went from a time change, to Granny and Uncle Derek visiting for a week, to a new baby brother in her house, to celebrating her 2nd birthday, and now to trying to get back on track.  Its hard to say what one thing contributed to it all, but lately Eva's sleep schedule has been turned upside down making for a more crabby little girl who just doesn't like the idea of sleeping.  "No Nap!" is a new standard statement in her vocabulary.  She has been hard to put down for a nap, refuses to go to bed at night, cries in the middle of the night, and wakes up far earlier than she ever has.  Her eyes were starting to get dark circles and she just always looks tired.  Then, one day I looked into her mouth and realized she is teething!!  And not just little teeth, but the big 2-year molars.  In fact, she had one full tooth already grown through...and for someone who brushes her teeth thoroughly day and night, how did I not notice?  Talk about someone's life being turned upside down!

Through all of the challenges, though, Eva is out to prove that she can take it all and continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.  Over the weekend, she was very eager and excited to help daddy put up our Christmas lights...

On Sunday, she couldn't wait until the TV went on to watch football...yes, she loves watching football.  She put on her Packers dress and cuddled with daddy to cheer on her favorite teams, hoping daddy could kick some butt in fantasy football.

Later that night she was struggling to find the perfect toy to play with.  After going through all her toys and giving them all a minute's attention, I decided to pull out something new.  Gramma and Bopa mailed her a crib for her baby doll for her birthday.  Before looking at the contents of the box I already made the promise and then realized it took a bit of assembly.  She was a little annoyed at first, but then realized it would be lots of fun to help daddy do it...

By the time we finished, it was time for bed, which worked out perfectly.  She was able to get her baby doll to bed, and daddy was able to get her to bed without any resistance.

As you may have already noticed the pattern, daddy and Eva have been spending lots of time together.  Daddy is always so anxious to teach Eva new things and Eva is so excited about the crazy, cooky daddy who is constantly making her laugh.  I guess you could say she's turning into a bit of a "daddy's girl".

Enzo is growing fast (too fast, if you ask me) giving us more alert time.  We all pitched in our efforts to give him a bath over the weekend and, for the first time, he didn't cry!  He must've felt safe and comforted knowing we were all there...

We wanted to get him nice and shiny clean to meet some more friends.  My friend, Dana, and her boyfriend stopped by while on a trip to SD.  They visited for a little bit, getting to know our little social butterfly, Eva, and meet Enzo for the first time...

And when the visitors were gone, Enzo spent time getting more love from his big sister...

And cuddle time with mommy...

We sure are enjoying our family of four.  We might not be sleeping much, but our awake time sure is fun and enjoyable.

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