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Enzo Turns Two Months Old

Enzo Russell reached his two month birthday, celebrated by mommy and Eva with "Happy Birthday" in song ALL DAY LONG.

We took a trip to the doctor for his check up where he was weighed and measured.

Weight: 12 lb. (50%)

Height: 24" (90%)

The doctor also checks for milestones that Enzo should reach by this point, and he is right on fact, when laying him on his belly, he took his arms and used them to push up a little while raising his head, doc was very impressed saying that is a 4 month milestone.  Star athlete?  I think so.

Aside from gained strength, Enzo is also showing lots of interest in hearing our voices.  He will follow our faces as we move, or look in the direction of our voice.  And, then will follow up with a big open-mouth smile.  Enzo's favorite voice to hear is Daddy's.  He gets very, very excited when he knows he's is in the room.  It sure makes daddy very proud.  :)

Now that he has a little more awake time, its easier to work on tummy time with him (of course, I can never get the shot of him holding his head up, but he can do it!)...

Anytime I try to grab the camera to take a picture of Enzo, Eva wants in...but then she wants to sabotage the picture entirely.  So, I don't get nearly as many pics of him as I did with Eva...but every once in a while she will allow me to snap away.  The other day, she insisted she hold Enzo and when he started to fuss, she immediately poked her thumb into his mouth, which he naturally began to suck away...

Eva's instincts always surprise me.  I have never stuck my thumb in his mouth, nor has anyone else, so why she thought to do it is pretty impressive (for me, anyway).

Here's one of the Eva picture-bombs I was talking about...

As soon as I start snapping a photo, Eva finds that the perfect time to cuddle her baby brother and tell me "No pictures, Mommy".  But how cute?  She sure loves her Enzo-baby and sharing in his moment of glory.

Being the baby of our family, everyone always wants their turn holding Enzo.  But, alot of those times he just wants mommy, until I found out how much he has been enjoying the baby carrier.  That opened up much more opportunity for his cousins to get their time.  And, they love how they can walk around with a baby attached to them without using their hands...

And when the carrier isn't handy, a woman's chest is best ;)

He sure loves his Gramma.

To end, lets just get a good look at how handsome this little man is, I just CAN'T get enough.

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