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Kleenex, Kleenex Everywhere

In the last conversation I had with my cousin (who lives in Wisconsin) she told me her family was getting over bronchitus.  I told her that for some reason, whenever I read her blogs about being sick, its like somehow our family catches it from them.  And this last time was no exception.  How, on earth, does that happen?!  This last Monday, Enzo seemed to have a bit of a head cold...a little cough and a very slight fever.  It was a beautiful day and we already had plans, so I thought it would be good for him and the fresh air would be good for everyone.  Little did I know that it was just the beginning to a very tough week for this little boy.

(Yes, he still looks this cute even with a high fever, runny nose, and watery eyes)

For the first few days his temperature went on a roller coaster.  On Wednesday I thought he was over it, but by later in the afternoon, he had a really high fever again!  On Thursday, he was really bad and luckily, we were able to get into our very busy clinic.  Doc was worried because he wasn't breathing well and had a fever for so many days, but  he got x-rays with no results of pnemonia (thank god!), so he treated Enzo for bronchiolitis, hookedd him up to a nebulizer for a while and sent us home with an inhaler.  By the time we got home he already looked 10 times better.

Before I realized just how sick Enzo was, we did attend Eva's last day of her 1-2 year old class with teacher Michelle.  It was a fun day of play, circle time, crafts, and a potluck lunch.  Eva shared some cuddle time with her favorite teacher and one of her favorite friends, Violet.

And enjoyed her final day at the craft table, where she painted a rainbow with watercolors...

Once I realized just how sick Enzo was getting, the rest of our plans for the week were called off, so it was time to find some entertainment at the house.  It was tough.  There was alot of couch time and TV watching...

Daddy introduced Eva to the iPad, which she caught on to pretty quickly, playing an alphabet game...

Daddy brought Enzo out back to get a little fresh air...

And I kept everyone as happy as I could.  What kept Enzo happy?  Being in my arms, of course!  This has been his favorite position since he's been born...

I sway him back and forth, back and forth in front of our mirrored cabinet until (Shhhhhh)...

...he falls fast asleep.

I hope all this sickness has gotten behind us, cuz we are ready to bust down these doors and get out of the house!

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