Me llamo Rocky

Enzo Turns Four Months Old

Height: 25.75"

Weight: 13 lb. 7.1 oz

Oh my sweet little smiley boy.  He has reached his 4-month milestone.  As you hear from every parent with an infant, he's growing like a weed.  He is so strong and has been practicing long and hard to roll over (from back to belly).  For not being able to crawl yet, he sure manages to get alot of distance from where I initially lay him down.

When his hands aren't in his mouth (Yup, pretty sure I will have a thumb sucker soon enough), he is pulling them together or grabbing his toys.  He has a few favorite toys now, which his face lights up to when he spies them coming near.

He smiles, coos, and laughs ALL THE TIME.  He is the biggest flirt and certainly knows how to get attention (especially from the ladies).

As I've blogged about time and time again, Enzo LOVES his sister.  He loves when she comes near because she loves to snuggle with him.  She will grab his face and say "Enzo-baby, you are so cute!" and that itself is so cute!  She reads him books in bed on a regular basis, and loves holding his hand.  They are two peas in a pod...

Sometimes she doesn't understand how much stronger she is than him, and quite honestly, he doesn't seem to long as the attention is on him...

Enzo is one happy little guy all around.

Time to sign off now because taking any more time to blog will take cuddle time away from my little boy :)  Gotta go!

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