Me llamo Rocky

Enzo Turns Five Months Old

Weight: ~17 lbs

Height: 27"

Our smiley little boy is 5 months old today.  In the last month, we have seen so many fun changes, he is really blossoming into a beautiful little boy.  The day before Easter, Enzo decided enough was enough and finally rolled over.  Technically, his first roll over (from back to belly) happened a while ago, but daddy says "That doesn't count.  Thats not the hard one.  He needs to roll over from back to belly." And, so we've been encouraging him and showing him how to do, waiting for the day for him to figure it out.  Many times before I would see Eva watch him struggle, them take him and roll him over and say "Yay, Mommy, he rolled over!" and clap her hands in excitement.  So, the day that he did roll over, we missed it and thought nothing of it.  I asked Eva "Did you roll Enzo over?" and she said yes.  Daddy said, I don't think she was even by him.  So, we put him on his back again, got back to making dinner (with Eva helping me) and I look and he's on his belly again.  He rolled over on his own, and I missed it....TWICE!  Soon, he's going to be on the go...yikes!

Here is right after his third roll-over (I actually caught that one)...

As I mentioned a little while ago, Enzo started eating solids a little early, but continues to love them and is doing great.  I'm making all my own food and he seems to like "momma's cookin' ".  One of his favorites has been apples/carrots/collared greens.  But, he has pretty much enjoyed everything except green beans. 

Not sure if you can tell by the picture, but Enzo's hair is changing ALOT.  He is starting to lose his baby hair by the handful.  He looks a little "patchy", shall we say?  But he still has a mop of long hair on the top middle of his head.  Whatever hair he has left has really lightened up.  It is now a light brown...and may soon be blonde!  He definitely takes after mommy in the hair department.  He also has a wave in it, so on most days, he has this crazy fluffy hair that is a mind of its own.

Enzo is a very cuddly, happy baby.  His love for Eva, mommy, and daddy grows exponentially every day as does our love for him.  He puts a smile on everyone's face with whom he surrounds and helps create so many beautiful memories for our family.  We are so proud of him in so many ways and are so happy to share him with all of you :)

To end, some pictures I love.  Siblings...

And mommy, loving every single cuddle I get from my little man...

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