Me llamo Rocky

Late Night Party Girl

Last week we did all kinds of fun new things.  On Tuesday, we took a trip to the Quail Botanical Gardens with Teacher Mary's class.  Eva and her friend, Stella, had a really fun time in their big tree house...

And then enjoyed being goofy while we walked the trails and looked at all the flowers and plants...

On Wednesday night, Eva had her first sleep-over, going to her cousins' house for the night.  We were all open to whatever happened knowing this was Eva's first time sleeping at someone else's house without mommy, but also her first time sleeping next to other people (besides me), and sleeping on the floor to boot.  She was very excited about the idea of the sleep-over because it meant she got to pack all her things in her Dora backpack AND she got to use her Hello Kitty sleeping bag...

She had a blast with her cousins, of course.  And, Auntie Heather was so wonderful in sharing pictures of their adventures along the way to assure me that Eva was doing ok...

And rather than share all the details, I'll just say she needs some practice when it comes time to the "sleep-over" part ;). 

Back at home, I felt like Enzo was a little left out when it came to the swingset, so we invested in a swing for him to use while Eva is swinging next to him...

He gets a little freaked out when it swings, but he loves just hanging in there, looking at all the surroundings...and then mommy has free hands to push Eva or race her down the slides.

Before the weekend started, Eva's friend, Aiden and his baby sister (and mommy) came to visit.  Eva naturally wanted to ooh and ahh at baby Emmalyn and was really hoping to hold her so she could check out all of her teeny, tiny features (Emmalyn seemed to really like it, despite what her hand gestures may suggest)...

Lastly, another sibling pic.  Eva is always looking for an opportunity to play with her baby brother, or hold him, or kiss him or whatever she can do to be close to him.  On many occasions now, she will ask to play in his crib with him.  This kind of works out perfect for me because I know Enzo is safe in his crib and I know Eva knows not to sit on him, plus his baby monitor is right there, so if I leave the room I can hear exactly what's going on.  Last night I hear "Mommy!  Mommy!  Come look!".  And while I think this can't be good because usually "Come look" means "Look how creative I got with your permenant markers" or "Look at what I can do with your scissors" or something of that sort.  And sure enough, this time it was "look how many blankets I can put on top of Enzo!"

Its hard to tell, but there are 6 fleece blankets all covering him.  Thank goodness she was smart enough to let his head stick out to breathe...and thank goodness he loves his sister so much that he will let her do just about anything to him, as long as she is paying attention to him. Haha.

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