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Doller Bills Dollar Tree

During the week, we lined up a playdate with some of Eva's friends at a playground.  Lately, Eva has shown much more "big girl" behavior, showing me she can handle herself without me shadowing her every move.  I can sit on the sidelines and keep an eye on her from a distance (it is so nice!).  It has given her much more independance and allows her to converse and befriend other kids at the park and also become more creative with her playtime.  On this day we watched the girls run around the play structure and then concoct a plan to all slide down the roller-slide together.  It was so darn cute!  Of course, by the time we got the camera out we barely managed to get the picture...

In need of some affordable craft supplies, we headed to the dollar store.  Since Eva has been showing a huge interest in money (and putting it in her piggy bank), I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach her how to use money and be selective with your budget.  The plan worked well and we had alot of fun.  I gave her $2, which she was very excited to carry in her own purse (Hello Kitty purse, of course)...

We had lots of fun walking up and down the aisles, playing with all the gadgets and toys.  Eva was very clear about what she wanted to buy and what she was just playing with at the store.  She seemed to understand the concept of only buying two things very well (I was super impressed).  She selected a big plastic magnifying glass (which, of course, broke on the way home) and a Daisy Duck water squirter (which she doesn't even know what it is or what it does, but she had to have it).  Then, it was time to check out.  She waited very patiently in line with her hand in her purse, waiting for her turn to give it to the cashier.  She did great!

Over the weekend, we took a family trip to the Botanic Garden.  We strolled through the children's area where Eva found "her house" in which she was happy to give us a tour...

And then we let Eva navigate our way over to the infamous tree house.  This time I was able to get a better picture from one angle of the tree house, with Eva at the tippy top yelling for daddy.  With her loudest voice, she shouted "Daddy, I can't see you up here!"  And then when she finally spotted him, "Daddy!  There you are!  I up here, Daddy!"...(and if you look down at the very bottom, you'll spot Enzo, on the sidelines as usual)

In another section of the garden, Eva taught Daddy about Rolly Pollies (as taught to her by her friend Norah).  Still scared to touch them herself, she spotted one in the strawberries and had daddy get it out to watch it roll up in a ball...

Since Enzo didn't get to have much action at the garden, we let him have fun in his jumperoo.  We introduced it to him earlier in the week.  He has been very happy with all the things he can grab and look at...

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