Me llamo Rocky

Me Want Cooooookies

Over the past week we had alot of fun outings, as we usually do.  On Tuesday, we took a ferry ride from Coronado to Seaport Village.  We sat with our friends for circle/song time, then went for a quick walk over to the carousel.  Eva loved going up and down and around in a circle.  Mommy?  I felt a little dizzy when it stopped...but I'll do just about anything to see that smile on Eva's face :)

Later in the week, we hosted a playdate at our house.  You never know what to expect when you have a bunch of kids this age together, especially when it comes time to toys.  They all played together really well, and more importantly, Eva was an AMAZING host.  She greeted everyone at the door with a very enthusiastic welcome and immediately asked everyone if they would like cookies or toys or to play on her swing set.  I even caught her mediating two of her friends who wanted to play with the same thing.  I was so incredibly proud of her and happy that her friends mean so much to her.  Here they are sharing snacks...

Due to the super sunny, warm day, Bumpy decided to make an appearance as well.  Everyone loved catching a glimpse of him...

Although it was a playdate for Eva and her friends, Enzo didn't fall short.  He, too, had some playtime.  He sure loved sharing his mat with Emmalyn (I think I saw a slight crush forming, too)...

And got fed by his favorite girlfriend...

In the end, I think everyone left exhausted.  Oh, and before her last two friends left, Eva went in her room and layed on her bed grabbed her blanket and get this...she told her friends it was time for her to take a nap!  I kid you not!  Her friends respected her request and then one of them went home and did the same thing with her mom.  She put herself down for a nap.  Wow, every mom's dream!

On Friday, we had some more visitors...Baby Aurora and her mommy, Elisa.  This was our first time meeting Aurora and we were very excited.  I got to hold her in my arms (she's so tiny!) and spend time with Elisa, talking about what else, but babies.  Eva was excited, too, because she had something she wanted to share with Aurora.  Earlier in the day Eva tried to put on a hat she wore last summer to find that it was way too small.  I suggested giving it to someone smaller than her and immediately she thought to give it to baby Aurora.  She put it aside and when she awoke from her nap she grabbed the hat right away and took it out to give to Aurora.  It was so cute and so generous.  I was worried that maybe she wouldn't understand that giving it to her would mean that Aurora would take it home with her, but she understood very well, infact telling Elisa "Take this to her house."  Here is that precious little baby with her happy, glowing mommy...

On Saturday, we celebrated Ryan's birthday with a cookie bake-off.  I immediatly felt my competitive side come out, I was determined to make the winning cookie.  I snuck in some extra ingrediants and made some substitutions.  The end result?  A really salty, slightly burnt cookie.  But, guess what?  I won!  haha.  I won by default because I was the only one who participated :(  Luckily, the judges weren't too hard on me.  It turns out, if there is sugar in it and it appears bigger than the norm, people will eat them...

The event was pretty windy, but we made the best of it, for Eva found kites for herself and Uncle Ryan to fly.  Daddy helped Eva with hers...

And then Eva has fun with the big kids on the playground.

On Sunday, we went out for Mexican Dinner to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.  I don't have pictures, but an embarrassing story.  My first in the "your toddler said what?" moment.  So Eva and I are waiting in line to go potty and joining us in line comes a woman with a sombrero...and a missing front tooth.  Right away Eva starts talking about her hat.  The woman was very nice and talking to Eva, but obviously embarrassed about her missing tooth, for she kept trying to hide it with her lip.  Then, Eva points right at her and says "She has two teeth, mommy!" and then says to her "You have 2 teeth."  OMG, help me!  Wishing more than anything that she couldn't really understand her toddler-talk (although it was very clear), I say "yeah, she thinks your hat is ice cream.  She saw a picture of a sombrero and thought it was ice cream."  What?!  Yeah, thats what I said.  I was hoping it was so left-field of a story that she would buy it.  She didn't, so we parted with all parties completely embarrassed (well, except Eva, of course).

Can't wait to see what this week brings us.

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